MrBeast under fire for $3.5 million Squid Game recreation

Dylan Horetski
MrBeast twitter backlash

MrBeast is receiving backlash from users on Twitter after posting a TikTok video showing off the set he’s built for his recreation of Squid Game. 

Since the release of the South Korean dystopian TV show Squid Game on Netflix, fans all over the world have become hooked on the series.

The dark vision of the future is brought to us by producer and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk, and plenty of creators have looked to recreate the iconic games. That is without the violent moments, of course.

MrBeast quickly announced his intention of re-creating the viral tv show. Since then, he’s revealed the $3.5 million dollar cost and has provided several updates on the progress of his build. However, after posting a TikTok update on November 13, the creator was met with some backlash.

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MrBeast receives backlash

Alongside his upload to TikTok, the YouTube philanthropist also shared the video on Twitter. He was quickly met with criticism over the fact he’s recreating the series, as well as how much he’s spent setting it up.

One user brought up a point about the type of games the series is based on. “There is no part of me that understands this. They’re children’s games,” they said. “They’re based on real games children play. You can just play them, why do so many people think “Squid Game in real life” is cool?”

Somebody else mentioned the quality of the set that’s been created. “Doesn’t even look good,” they commented. “It’s like a 20-foot paint job, most of the more intricate visual details are missing, especially in the alleyway set.”

Others have argued that he should donate his money to those in need instead of building such an elaborate set.

Recently, MrBeast has pledged to raise $30 million to clean up the world’s oceans, one of his many ways to give back to the community.

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