MrBeast gets insane luck after opening $250K mystery box

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YouTube philanthropist Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson bought $500,000 worth of mystery boxes, containing completely unknown prizes. The final box, which he kept for himself, contained some insane prizes.

MrBeast is one of YouTube’s most famous figures. Whether he’s completing some crazy challenge, like literally burying himself alive, or making people’s lives better, like giving a stranger an entire house, he’s always making some of YouTube’s most entertaining content.

In his latest video, MrBeast really outdid himself. He purchased $500k worth of mystery boxes, each containing various types of goods, gave most of them away to strangers and family members of his crew.

The luck in these crates varied, however. A $10k crate could contain anything from an ultra-rare Pokemon card to several tonnes of fortune cookies. MrBeast needed his luck to be in for this investment to be worth it.

MrBeast sits next to cash
MrBeast, Instagram
MrBeast is a massive name on YouTube.

Having given away mystery boxes to others, MrBeast decided to keep the final prize for himself. In fact, the last crate was so large, it took over two months to ship in all the prizes and the entire thing had to be constructed directly from his warehouse.

However, it’s fair to say the effort was justified, as MrBeast opened the box to reveal some insane goods hidden inside.

The crate contained two Lamborghinis; one of which was a legendary supercar, the Lamborghini Gallardo, the other a tractor. As co-star Chris Tyson explained, Lamborghini started out as a tractor company before moving into cars.

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The tractor also had four leaf blowers hidden in the front loader, and was decorated with farm equipment including hay bales and buckets of paint.

Lamborghini Gallardos, while out of production, can be worth over $190,000, with the tractor worth roughly $50,000. All-in-all, not a bad prize.

MrBeast has a history with Lamborghinis in his challenges. The YouTuber once gave away a Lamborghini in a crazy racing challenge, and in another video donated a Lamborghini Huracan to a person he’d driven around for free.

Having given so many of these cars way over the years, however, it’d be understandable if MrBeast wanted to keep this Lamborghini Gallardo for himself.

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