MrBeast reveals superfans use Discord to track his location

Eliana Bollati
MrBeast TikTok

MrBeast opened up recently about the crazier side of his fandom. Recounting a story where he discovered there’s a Discord server dedicated to tracking his movements.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is one of the world’s most recognizable online personalities. The content creator rose from his humble “Let’s Play” beginnings to prominence thanks to his charitable endeavors.

Today his channel boasts more than 230 million subscribers. And with a potential $100 million dollar deal with Prime Video potentially closing soon, MrBeast only seems to be getting bigger.

But the YouTube personality recently opened up about one of the scarier sides of his fame.

MrBeast revealed just how much his fans scrutinize his movements.

During a recent episode of the How to Take Over The World podcast, Donaldson recounted a story about discovering just how committed some of his fans are to tracking him down.

“I have this five-minute rule,” he says going on to explain if he takes a photo with a fan, he has to leave the area within the next five minutes. “Because they’ll post on Snapchat or Instagram, and then all of their friends come, and it gets crazy.”

Donaldson then recounted a story about a time he was at a Target and agreed to a photo with a fan shortly after arriving at the store. Although he was only stopping briefly to buy a toothbrush, by the time he was leaving, another fan approached him.

“A kid just runs in the front door and he’s like, it’s real!” He explained. When Donaldson asked what the fan meant by that comment, their reply was enlightening.

MrBeast standing in front of rusty old car
Fans use a Discord to work together to track MrBeasts location from social media photos.

“There’s a Discord that tracks your location and I thought it was fake, but it said you were here.”
Donaldson explained. He asked the fan to show him the Discord in question. Sure enough, any time someone tagged him in a social media post, a bot in the Discord would post it. Fans would then use the photos, working together to discern his location.

“That stuff that doesn’t happen when you have ten million subscribers.” He said, explaining it was only once a personality reached “100 million or whatever” that the stakes changed so dramatically.

Although he also recognized that level of scrutiny was intense, he also admitted there are bigger stars who deal with a lot more time in the public eye. “Taylor Swift is obviously a different level to me, whatever I experience, she’s probably experiencing it five times crazier.”