MrBeast reveals insane ad revenue earned from Twitter/X video

Virginia Glaze

MrBeast revealed the eye-popping amount of money he made from his first-ever full-length video posted to Twitter/X, but says this isn’t likely to be the case for everyone else.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is the single most-subscribed independent creator on YouTube — and it’s not hard to see why.

He’s broken multiple records on the platform thanks to his big-budget projects and jaw-dropping giveaways, like the time he recreated Netflix’s hit show ‘Squid Game’ to the tune of 564M views and gave away a private island to celebrate reaching 100 million subscribers.

In January 2024, MrBeast decided to upload a full-length video to Twitter/X to test out the platform’s ad revenue against YouTube… and the results were nothing short of gobsmacking.


MrBeast nets over $250K on first video posted to Twitter/X

Elon Musk has made major changes to Twitter/X as of late, one of which allows users to monetize their posts. Never one to miss an opportunity, MrBeast decided to try out the feature for himself to see how much he could make.

It’s safe to say that the results left fans’ jaws on the floor. One week after posting the video to X, MrBeast shared how much money he’d made from his experiment — a whopping $263,655.

However, MrBeast made sure to clarify that most other creators likely won’t see these kinds of numbers with their content on the site, calling his own success a “facade.”

“MY FIRST X VIDEO MADE OVER $250,000!” he wrote. “But it’s a bit of a facade. Advertisers saw the attention it was getting and bought ads on my video (I think), and thus my revenue per view is probably higher than what you’d experience.”

In celebration of his experiment, MrBeast has decided to spread the wealth and is giving away $25,000 to ten people using the $250K he netted from his viral video, effectively giving the entire amount away to his fans.

This latest news follows accusations that the YouTuber’s video was being promoted as an “undisclosed ad” as a slew of users began seeing the video pop up on their timelines, with some saying they kept seeing the video every time they opened the app. 

For now, MrBeast has yet to address these claims, but had an explanation as to why he came away with such a hefty payday for his first-ever video on the platform.