MrBeast beats T-Series as the fastest growing YouTube channel of 2021

Instagram: MrBeast / T-Series / YouTube

YouTube star MrBeast experienced a hugely successful 2021, emerging as the year’s fastest-growing channel — even beating out the likes of music label T-Series.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s most prominent content creators.

The North Carolina native is known throughout the internet for his ambitious videos, high-stakes challenges, and charitable projects.

Most notably, MrBeast broke records on the site after uploading his highly-anticipated Squid Game recreation in November, which now boasts a whopping 200 million views just over a month later.

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An image of YouTube MrBeast in his Squid Game video.YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation became his most viewed video, with over 176 million views.

MrBeast topples T-Series as YouTube’s fastest-growing channel in 2021

It seems that this viral video — alongside his other pursuits like #TeamSeas — has garnered him a huge amount of channel growth, earning him the title of 2021’s fastest-growing channel.

According to data from YouTube Battles, MrBeast even beat out the likes of T-Series, the Indian music and entertainment label that notoriously beat out PewDiePie in their subscriber war in 2019.

However, MrBeast’s victory was only just — the creator slipped past the powerhouse label by 1.1 million subscribers.

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mrbeast-teamseas-30-million-goalTeam Seas
MrBeast conscripted the help of content creators across the net to raise money with the intent of cleaning the world’s oceans.

Overall, though, Donaldson managed to amass over 37 million subscribers over the past year. That’s not all; MrBeast also sits at YouTube’s fifth-most subscribed channel overall, ranking just below PewDiePie at 87.8 million subscribers. (PewDiePie boasts over 111 million subscribers).

It seems that Donaldson was pretty psyched about beating out his arch-nemesis, T-Series, who he helped PewDiePie fight against in their famed sub war by literally advertising PewDiePie’s channel at the Super Bowl.

“Just noticed we were the most subscribed channel in the world last year,” the YouTuber wrote in an Instagram story. “Suck my nuts T-Series!”

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MrBeast intagram story youtubeInstagram: MrBeast
MrBeast emerged as the fastest-growing YouTube channel of 2021, barley beating out T-Series.

This news follows MrBeast’s explosive 2021, where the YouTuber kicked off his #TeamSeas project, which aimed to raise $30 million to help clean the world’s oceans as a rival to his previous #TeamTrees effort from 2020.

Considering the sheer scale of his projects in 2021, there’s no telling what this YouTuber will pull out of his hat in 2022. One thing’s for certain, though — the sky’s the limit for this influencer.

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