MrBeast surpasses T-Series as YouTube’s most-subscribed channel and “avenges” PewDiePie

Shay Robson

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has reached the number one spot after surpassing Indian record label T-Series to become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

After T-Series took the subscriber crown from PewDiePie back in 2019, MrBeast has steadily been on the chase. The 26-year-old vowed to get revenge for the Swedish YouTuber at the start of 2023 when he had 127 million subscribers — far out of reach of T-Series’ 233 million at the time.

Almost exactly a year and a half later, MrBeast has made up the over 100 million subscriber difference. As of June 1, 2024, MrBeast surpassed the Indian record label to become YouTube’s most-subscribed channel.

T-Series appeared to sense its reign as the most-subscribed channel was at risk back on April 15 where it posted a call to action video enlisting its followers to “unite and create history.”

In response, MrBeast went on the offensive, replying directly to T-Series on X telling viewers, “Naw, subscribe to me instead.” Following this, the YouTuber challenged T-Series’ CEO, Bhushan Kumar Dua, to a boxing match.

Then, on June 1, with MrBeast gaining a surge of momentum, he was over to overtake T-Series, fulfilling his promise to “avenge” PewDiePie.

With MrBeast continuing to take content to the next level, breaking record after record, the achievement was a long time coming.

His videos are well known for being intense, with videos ranging from burying himself alive for a week to making contestants survive 100 days trapped together for a hefty cash prize.

MrBeast is now the most-subscribed YouTuber.

The YouTuber has also given away millions to family, friends, fans, and those who need it with his own non-profit charity, Beast Philanthropy.

His ventures outside of making content have skyrocketed too, with his chocolate bar ‘Feastables’ rapidly flying off shelves at Walmart locations across North America and constantly selling out.

The YouTube king announced in May that he’s looking for 5,000 applicants to take part in “the largest game show ever in history” with $5,000,000 on the line for his first show ‘Beast Games’ with Amazon Prime.

While Donaldson may have won the battle with T-Series, the war is far from over. The two rivals are still racing towards 300M subscribers, and it’s anyone’s guess who will get there first.