xQc erupts at Twitch fans claiming he’s wasting “their” money on “scam” arcade game

xqc-crane-game-twitch-fansTwitch: xQc / Wikimedia Commons

After fans accused him of wasting “their” money on a “scam” arcade game, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel erupted into a hilarious fit of rage, ranting about the pressures of always needing to be “ethical.”

On April 23, xQc decided to take his variety stream content to the next level by playing Toreba Crane Game — a game that allows you to play the classic arcade game from home and win real prizes.

However, after failing to snatch a prize time and time again, the juicer warlord started becoming irate. Some mischievous fans sensed it was the perfect time to rustle his feathers and poked and prodded until he burst.

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Not only did they claim he was playing a “scam,” but they also compared it to him gambling on stream and even argued that he was wasting their money on it.

Eventually, he had enough and let loose on the microphone.

Crane Game Toreba is a real life crane game that people can play on the internet.

“Why are you saying it’s our money?” he said. “If I was playing with casino money, you would be even more triggered. Either it’s your money, and you get mad, or it’s somebody else’s money, and you get even madder. There’s no winning with you!”

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Then, after some fans compared the crane game to gambling and scorned him for streaming it, he totally lost it. “Apparently, I have to pave the road to the f**king heavens. Apparently, these days I can’t just go for content.”

xQc explained that he feels pressured into always making sure his content is “ethical, morally okay, and in line with all our current acceptances” before going off on a tangent about the sheer extent of that pressure.

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“I’m expected to save the world, fund every charity out there, care about all social, ethical, and political problems, fix diseases and cancer, entertain chat, and raise freakin’ children. I play games. I don’t raise children!”

It’s not the first time xQc has gone off the rails on stream. After all, who could forget the time he went on a hilarious rant about Apex Legends or the classic console rant that’s become an internet phenomenon at this point?

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What’s more, just when he started believing it might actually be a “scam,” he finally won a prize.

Naturally, it made the whole thing even funnier and ironically helped him achieve his goal of providing quality content.

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