Monty Lopez drama with Yung Gravy & Addison Rae’s mom explained

Virginia Glaze
Monty Lopez drama with Sheri and Yung Graavy explained

Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, is currently embroiled in a huge internet feud involving Tana Mongeau, rapper Yung Gravy, and his own family. But don’t worry — we’ll explain this confusing drama in its entirety.

Addison Rae is one of TikTok’s biggest stars, boasting over 88 million followers on the viral video platform.

Lately, however, she’s been the topic of online conversation not for her popular lip-syncing videos, but instead for the antics of her father, Monty Lopez — who’s even gotten into a spat with other major online figures.

Here’s everything that’s gone down so far.

Monty Lopez faced with cheating allegations

In June 2022, fans noticed that both Addison Rae and her mother, Sheri Easterling, had unfollowed Lopez on Instagram.

That’s not all; Sheri had even taken the title of “wife” out of her Insta bio, leading netizens to believe that some family drama was afoot.

It wasn’t long before this drama revealed itself. Two videos began circling social media shortly thereafter, showing Lopez purportedly flirting with two young women in different circumstances.

A few days later, a huge bombshell dropped; a woman named Renne Ash came forward with a slew of photos and screenshots showing that she’d been seeing Lopez under the assumption that he and Sheri were “apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

renne ash exposes monty lopez instagram
Instagram user ‘renne.ash’ uploaded photos of herself and Lopez kissing, saying she was “thoroughly embarrassed” by the situation.

Lopez posted several apparent responses to the drama, one of which was a short TikTok video where he sarcastically asked, “Am I the drama?”

Sheri later published a statement on social media, saying that her “biggest concern is – and always will be – my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to try to protect them. My goal is to make sure that they feel secure and safe and know that everything will be ok.”

Sheri easterling instagram post

Amid this information came claims from an inside source, who told People that Lopez and Easterling had been separated for a year. According to the source, the couple had actually divorced before, and reportedly remarried in 2017.

Tana takes shots at Monty Lopez on Jeff FM podcast

As Renne Ash’s Instagram posts shocked the world, YouTuber and MTV starlet Tana Mongeau came into the fray with her two cents on the subject, saying that the claims against Lopez were “just the tip of the iceberg.”

In an episode of the Jeff FM podcast, hosted by YouTuber Jeff Wittek, Tana alluded to the fact that she’d witnessed a “TikTok celebrity father” doing “a good amount” of drugs.

She was careful to avoid officially accusing Lopez of drug use, citing fears of legal repercussions if she took a direct shot at Addison’s father.

“I never said it was Monty doing coke,” she clarified. “It could have been any TikTok dad doing coke. I never confirmed nor denied that it was Monty.”

Yung Gravy asks out Addison Rae’s mom

Nearly a month after Mongeau’s appearance on Jeff FM, another personality featured on the podcast — rapper Yung Gravy. During the discussion, the topic of Addison Rae’s family drama came up, prompting some flirty comments from Gravy toward Addison’s mom.

Specifically, the rapper stated he “has a thing for MILFs,” and said that he and Sheri Easterling were “going on a date soon” in wake of Lopez’s purported infidelity.

Sheri herself appeared to accept his proposal after Yung Gravy published another TikTok offering to take her on a date. “I win???” she replied in the comments section. “I never win anything.”

Gravy’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by Lopez, who hit back at Yung Gravy in a TikTok asking him to box. “Watch your [mouth] boy!” he wrote in the clip. “[You’re] gonna get rocked!”

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Sheri Easterling says she’s “terrified” of Monty Lopez

Lopez then posted another video where he posed shirtless and called out Yung Gravy for a boxing match, again.

Sheri seemingly replied to the video, saying in a comment: “I know this video may seem funny to some of you, but I am terrified of this man.

sheri comment monty lopez

Tana Mongeau declares war on Monty Lopez

It wasn’t long before Mongeau chimed in on the topic in the comments section of Lopez’s initial TikTok challenging Yung Gravy to a fight, jokingly saying that she was going to “call the police.”

Lopez wasn’t in the joking mood, it seems, as he hit back telling her to “take a bath” and even mentioned her “body count.”

Tana wasn’t having it, and let loose on the Rae family patriarch in a TikTok video that’s taking the net by storm. In her video, she revealed texts from her friends saying that Lopez was “trying to rail me at the club like fully took his [shirt] off?”

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“I think all of my young friends are very tired of him acting like this,” she posed. “So Monty, my dear, if you want war, so be it. I feel kind of strange beefing with this man at his prehistoric age, especially when I’ve seen him put so many things up his nose at several teenage events.”

Addison Rae unfollows her mom on social media

On August 8, the internet was rocked yet again when Addison seemingly unfollowed her mother on Instagram.

Sheri posted her response to the news in a comment, calling the situation “heart wrenching.”

sheri heartwrenching comment tiktok copy

Monty Lopez teases possible diss track against Yung Gravy

On August 18, Yung Gravy claimed a “poppin’ producer” had messaged him saying that Monty Lopez had reached out to him, asking, “‘Yo, I need a beat. I need to make a diss track.’”

Although Gravy claimed he was thoroughly “excited” by this possibility, he also made sure to renounce Lopez for “embarrassing [his] daughter” and “hurting” Sheri.

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Yung Gravy & Sheri Easterling smooch at the 2022 VMAs

While Yung Gravy and Sheri were openly flirting online, the two officially became an ‘item’ at the 2022 VMAs, where Easterling attended as Gravy’s plus one.

The two shared a kiss on the red carpet (and in a few subsequent interviews), making the internet go wild… and prompting more outrage from Monty Lopez.

Addison Rae “mortified” by parents bickering on social media

Amid the chaos, sources revealed that Addison Rae was totally “mortified” by the drama going down between her parents online.

“Addison has seen her parents go through a lot of ups and downs over the years, but everything going on right now has been particularly overwhelming for her,” a source told Page Six.

Since then, Rae has remained quiet on her parents’ spat… and it’s still far from over.

Monty Lopez drops diss track on Yung Gravy

On September 25, Lopez officially dropped the music video for his diss track on Yung Gravy, called ‘Side Dish’ – a term that’s different from the one he’s been using to describe his ex-wife, Sheri, as ‘leftovers.’

Although Gravy has yet to make his own diss track on Monty, the rapper did offer a comment underneath Lopez’s teaser that was uploaded to TikTok a month prior: “It didn’t have to come to this.”

While it’s unclear exactly what’s going on in the Rae fold, it’s certain that this is a family affair that’s capturing the internet’s attention as more drama continues to emerge.