Addison Rae’s mom Sheri responds amid husband Monty Lopez cheating rumors

Addison Rae and her momInstagram: Addison Rae

Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, herself a popular TikTok star, has responded as the rumor mill spins around her husband, Monty Lopez, who has been accused of cheating on her. Speaking out on social media, Easterling said her biggest concern were her children.

In late June, posts about Addison Rae’s father with other women started to spread across TikTok and Instagram. Rae then unfollowed his account, and Sheri removed ‘wife’ from her bio.

One particularly viral TikTok appeared to show Lopez chatting to a young woman while at a club. On an Instagram story, Lopez responded by commenting “Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe I am. Am I the villain?”

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Until now, there had been little response from Easterling herself. On July 7, she posted a statement on Instagram, acknowledging the situation and thanking fans for their support.

Sheri Easterling speaks out

“Personal matters being brought public are always challenging and overwhelming for anyone involved,” Sheri said.

“I will be okay. My biggest concern is–and always will be–my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to try to protect them. My goal is to make sure that they feel secure and safe and know that everything will be ok.”

Sheri easterling instagram post

“Thank you all for the love, support, and kind messages. It means the world to me,” she concluded.

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Speaking to Page Six, Renee Ash, 25, claims Lopez “misled” her into an affair.

“Unfortunately, he misled me on his marriage, he lied to me,” Ash said. “He even introduced me to his mom, his youngest brother and I thought we had something real. He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

Ash claims that she broke up with Lopez after the various viral posts accusing him of cheating on his wife with other women.

Addison herself, who now boasts almost 90 million followers on TikTok and is one of the platform’s top stars, has not spoken out on the situation.

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