Addison Rae’s dad Monty Lopez responds to viral cheating accusations

Virginia Glaze
Monty Lopez appears to respond to cheating allegations
Instagram: montylopez, renne.ash

Monty Lopez, the father of TikTok star Addison Rae, has apparently responded to ongoing accusations of infidelity against him — and fans aren’t sure how to feel.

Addison Rae is a bonafide TikTok celebrity with over 88 million followers on the viral video platform.

She often posts pics with her family over on Instagram — namely, her mother Sheri Easterling, her two brothers, and her father, Monty Lopez.

However, it looks like their family dynamic is showing some cracks as accusations of cheating fly against Monty Lopez from multiple purported sources.

Addison Rae with family
Instagram: montylopez
Monty Lopez pictured with his daughter, Addison Rae, and his two sons.

Last week, we reported that both Addison and her mother had unfollowed Monty on Instagram, with Sheri even taking the title of “wife” out of her bio.

Days later, two separate TikTok videos showed alleged ‘evidence’ of Lopez cheating, with one video showing him getting close to a younger woman at a bar.

Those videos were nothing in comparison to what followed. Hours later, a woman on Instagram posted a slew of photos showing herself kissing and embracing Lopez, saying she was “thoroughly embarrassed” by the ordeal.

While the woman claimed she would come forward with a statement when the dust settled, her account has since disappeared… but it looks like Lopez may have finally responded.

renne ash exposes monty lopez instagram
Instagram: renne.ash
Instagram user ‘renne.ash’ uploaded photos of herself and Lopez kissing, saying she was “thoroughly embarrassed” by the situation.

A video taken from an Instagram Live stream is circling the internet, showing Lopez appearing to react to the ongoing accusations against him.

The video sees Lopez at a sunny courtyard with an outdoor pool wearing his shades. “Is it me?” he asks. “Am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe I am. Am I the villain?”

It’s unclear where the video was sourced from, as it’s no longer available on Monty’s Instagram page, but viewers are decidedly unhappy with his reaction to the ongoing events.

Monty Lopez Instagram reactions copy
Instagram: tiktokroomtm
Commenters aren’t happy with Lopez’s apparent response to the drama.

Both Addison and her mother have yet to comment, leaving fans concerned and curious as more information continues to unfold.