Addison Rae’s dad under fire after being accused of cheating in viral TikTok videos

Virginia Glaze

The father of TikTok star Addison Rae, Monty Lopez, has been accused of cheating on wife Sheri Easterling in two videos that are sparking backlash across social media.

On June 28, Addison Rae — a TikToker with over 88 million followers and a multi-film deal with Netflixunfollowed her father on social media.

She wasn’t the only one to cut virtual ties with her dad, either; her mother, Sheri Easterling, notably erased the word “wife” from her Instagram bio.

These two separate instances sparked speculation from fans that Lopez and Rae may have fallen out, although no concrete evidence had been released. Now, this theory is catching fire once again due to two separate TikTok videos.

Sheri and Addison Rae
Both Addison Rae and her mother, Sheri, unfollowed Monty Lopez in late June.

On July 4, a clip began making the rounds on TikTok that allegedly showed user ‘iamjessk’ FaceTiming with Rae’s father in a car at night.

Although it isn’t clear if it’s actually him on the other end of the line, as it’s difficult to make out the phone screen in the clip, many users claim that the caller’s voice sounds similar to Lopez’s. Thus far, these claims are unfounded and are merely rumors.

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That’s not all; shortly afterward, another video accusing Lopez of infidelity surfaced online. Taken from a deleted account from a user called ‘marlig_,’ it shows a young woman in a nightclub saying: “Addison Rae’s dad is trying to f**k me. I swear to god.”

After covering her mouth in disbelief, the clip cuts to another moment in the club, which appears to show a man who looks like Lopez getting close to the woman during a conversation with her.

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Commenters are equal parts speculative and outraged at Lopez, with many accusing him of cheating on Sheri Easterling. Others aren’t so sure these clips are real, arguing that they could be faked to capitalize off the current Instagram drama between Rae’s parents.

TikTok comments Lopez cheating

Instagram model exposes Monty Lopez affair: “Thoroughly embarrassed”

In the midst of these revelations, a bombshell was dropped: A woman on Instagram called Renee Ash posted a slew of photos to her Instagram stories that showed herself being affectionate with Monty, and even shared text conversations between them.

Renne Ash monty lopez kiss
Renne Ash is exposing Monty Lopez on her Instagram account.

Some of the messages she shared appeared to discuss being approached by “paparazzi,” although it’s unclear if the convo was in relation to the ongoing cheating accusations.

renee ash monty lopez instagram story

Renee herself appears to be done with Lopez, sharing a photo of them with the caption: “Cannot believe the actions made by this person. Thoroughly embarrassed.”

renne ash exposes monty lopez instagram

Ash went on to release a statement regarding the photos, saying there are “two sides to every story.”

“When I am ready to discuss the situation, I will be happy to share my side,” she wrote in another post.

Thus far, neither Addison nor her mother have released a statement on the subject, leaving the entire ordeal up in the air as fans continue to speculate what’s really going on in the family of one of TikTok’s biggest stars.