Woman says she was in “emotionally abusive” relationship with Monty Lopez

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Model breaks up with Monty Lopez emotionally abusive relationship

Instagram model Ashley Renee has parted ways with Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, claiming she was in an “emotionally abusive” relationship with the TikTok-famous dad.

Monty Lopez stormed into the limelight in Summer 2022 after allegedly cheating on his now ex-wife Sherri Nichole Easterling.

Addison notably unfollowed both her dad and her mom as a result of the ensuing drama; Sheri got into a flirtationship with rapper Yung Gravy once the cheating went public, sparking a little jealousy from Monty that prompted him to challenge the artist to a boxing match.

Since then, it’s been fairly quiet for Addison’s family — until now. At the beginning of the Lopez-pocalypse, Instagram model Ashley Renee was allegedly dating Lopez without the knowledge he was married.

She split up with the TikTok dad in a series of now-deleted posts, saying she was “thoroughly embarrassed” by the situation. However, it looks like the pair linked back up after all the drama died down, as Renee has shared quite a few pics of herself cuddling up to Lopez over the past few months on her Instagram account.

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There’s trouble in paradise, though. On March 13, 2023, Renne revealed that she’s parted ways with her partner, claiming that she was in an “emotionally abusive” relationship with him.

Model splits from Monty Lopez after “emotionally abusive” relationship

“For a while, I have been in an unhealthy, emotionally abusive relationship, which has inhibited the growth of my personal development,” she wrote in her Instagram stories. “I needed to step away to move forward in my life and am taking the necessary steps to ensure that I am in a healthy and positive place.”

“Furthermore, my former partner’s internal issues have led to difficulties with me and the people around him,” she continued. “It is in his best interest to repair the damage done with his family and work on himself.”

This is just the latest information to come out about Addison Rae’s dad after Yung Gravy claimed the TikTok star was “mad” at her father for creating drama during his public breakup from her mom.

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