Monty Lopez takes shots at Yung Gravy with ‘Sidedish’ diss track

Monty Lopez in Yung Gravy diss trackYouTube: Monty Lopez

Addison Rae’s father Monty Lopez has released a diss track on Yung Gravy, titled ‘Sidedish,’ following months of public drama with Sheri Easterling.

In June 2022, it was alleged that TikTok star Addison Rae’s father, Monty Lopez, had cheated on her mother Sheri Easterling, prompting months of drama between the two via social media.

In a podcast appearance, rapper Yung Gravy teased that he would soon be going on a date with Sheri, and sure enough, in August they attended the VMAs together in color-coordinated outfits, sharing a kiss on the red carpet.

Responding to the kiss, Monty wrote on social media: “Unbothered! Thank you @yungravy for taking the leftovers! I would rather spend time with my daughter and 2 grandkids that Sheri Nicole made me abandon as a child in order to be with her! Never let a woman make you choose between her and or your blood child.”

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He went on to release a teaser for a diss track on Yung Gravy, and on September 25, he released the full track, titled ‘Sidedish,’ along with a music video.

The video begins with a “caution” message, in which he explains: “This was pre-recorded at the time of the initial song leak. I would like to take a moment to apologize to my family and friends and others involved for the behavior I portrayed online and in person. Please take this as a lighthearted and comical spin on my life.”

In the track, Monty says: “Cut your damn hair you be lookin’ like a housewife / Say that you a rapper you a singer that can not fight / If you need some help I could sell your ass a feature / Maybe help you get some press and a lil street cred.”

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He adds: “Didn’t have to go there but you did / Hippie ass boy bander lil kid / You can not speak to me or my kids / Cause we are A listers and you can not get in.”

So far, the response to the track has not been entirely positive, with one user writing: “Yooo this stuff fire on mute.” Another wrote: “who let Monty out the retirement home?”

Addison herself has stayed firmly out of her parent’s online drama, but the situation is continuing to generate controversy on social media.