Mike Tyson claims Jake Paul would knock out Austin McBroom in “one round”

Mike Tyson claims Jake Paul KOs Austin McBroomYouTube: The ACE Family, Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson, Jake Paul

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has weighed in on a potential bout between two of YouTube’s biggest stars — and he has a clear winner in mind for the very first round.

Although influencer boxing is a trend that’s just now picking up steam, it’s caught the eyes of many high-profile celebrities and athletes… including the likes of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

In fact, Tyson is notoriously cool with the Paul brothers, two YouTuber siblings who have made a big name for themselves in the world of combat sports thanks to their ongoing rivalries with other content creators.

One of these rivalries is between Jake Paul and Austin McBroom, the ACE Family influencer who is currently undergoing a slew of lawsuits after fighters complained of not being paid for the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event in June.

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Jake and McBroom have a tense history between them; earlier in June, it was speculated that Paul had slashed the tires of McBroom’s Lamborghini after the two squared up following an episode of the BBFs Podcast.

That’s not all; Paul has also repeatedly accused McBroom of cheating on his wife, Catherine Paiz, who has sparked a slew of divorce rumors after starting her own YouTube channel amid the current lawsuits against her husband.

Now, it looks like Iron Mike himself has tossed his two cents into the ring after a potential bout between these two YouTubers was brought up in a July 28 episode of his ‘Hotboxin’ podcast.

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It seems there’s no room for doubt in Tyson’s eyes when it comes to the more skilled combatant. “This guy, Jake, gonna knock him out in one round,” the former world heavyweight champion quipped.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Paul will be facing off with McBroom anytime soon; the “Problem Child” is preparing for his upcoming bout against UFC champ Tyron Woodley later this month, and has even set his eyes on Conor McGregor as a future opponent.

Of course, considering the charges levied against him by the state of Arizona, he might have to hold off on his boxing career until his legal issues get sorted out.

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