Jake Paul allegedly slashed Austin McBroom’s Lamborghini tires after face-off

. 1 year ago
Jake Paul and Austin McBroom
BBFs Podcast

Following a heated confrontation, Jake Paul is alleged to have slashed four tires, two on a Lamborghini apparently belonging to Austin McBroom, after the pair squared off.

Speaking on the BFFs podcast, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards told Logan Paul that earlier that day, his brother and McBroom had been visiting to record a separate episode. On June 4, Jake had accused McBroom of cheating on his wife “every weekend.”

Jake and Austin got caught up in a heated confrontation, meeting “jaw to jaw,” but onlookers were unsure if it was a genuine confrontation or just for the cameras.

After they were separated, Austin returned to tell Josh and Dave that Jake Paul had “slashed his tires,” –  Richards says it was two tires on two separate vehicles, making four slashed tires in total.

Logan was generally nonplussed by the story, but did ask “at what point is [Jake] just a petty criminal?”

According to Austin, Jake later phoned him and apologized for damaging the vehicles, saying “I was mad, I was heated in the moment, I f**ked up.”

Logan understood this, saying “I like to think I know him pretty well, but that rage that he can’t control is something that, as his brother, is so unfamiliar to me.”

Topic starts at 33:28

The podcast made sure to flash the word “allegedly” when discussing the slashing tires, indicating that there is still no hard proof that Jake was behind the incident.

In the footage, Jake and Austin can be heard agreeing to a fight, after McBroom’s bout against TikTok star Bryce Hall on June 12.

However, Jake Paul’s next boxing fight has already been confirmed to be against former UFC champion Tyrone Woodley.

Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather has said that he would “probably” fight Jake Paul after Logan, and his own brother is teasing a fight too, so the YouTuber has a backlog of potential opponents.

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