Nate Wyatt latest to hit Austin McBroom with lawsuit for YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing pay

Instagram: itsnatewyatt / YouTube: The ACE Family

YouTuber Austin McBroom can’t catch a break after being hit with yet another lawsuit over claims of not paying fighters involved in the Battle of the Platforms in June.

The YouTubers vs TikTokers event was hyped up as one of the biggest influencer boxing showdowns ever since the trend took off in 2018.

Hiring some serious musical talent and conscripting some of YouTube and TikTok’s most popular content creators, the Battle of the Platforms promised to be one hell of a show — and oh, was it ever… for all the wrong reasons.

A number of influencers have since come out comparing the event to the likes of Fyre Fest, with others recalling their negative experiences simply trying to watch matches in select seating without being mobbed by fans.

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Austin McBroom filming a YouTube videoYouTube: The ACE Family
YouTuber Austin McBroom of the ACE Family has been hit with a string of lawsuits amid the fallout of the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event in June.

Now, a number of creators who boxed in the event are coming out with claims that they have yet to be paid for their time in the ring — and TikToker Nate Wyatt is the latest to come forward with a lawsuit, alongside Tayler Holder.

American TikToker and reality TV star Nate Wyatt notably faced off against YouTuber and rapper DDG, with DDG winning their bout by unanimous decision. While Wyatt may have lost the battle, it’s unclear whether or not he’ll win the war of lost wages.

In a statement on Twitter, Wyatt claimed that, in the two months since the event went down, he and his trainers have yet to be compensated for their time.

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“Unfortunately, this past week, my attorney, Bobby Samini, filed a lawsuit against Social Gloves,” Wyatt wrote, referring to the company owned by McBroom. “It’s been almost two months since our boxing event, and we still haven’t been paid (including our trainers, etc.). Hoping Social Gloves does the right thing and fulfills its obligations to all involved.”

News of Wyatt’s lawsuit was preceded by TikTok star Tayler Holder, who issued his own statement regarding the lawsuit against McBroom.

McBroom, on the other hand, has sued LiveXLive, claiming that the platform is withholding profits — while LiveXLive called working with McBroom “chaos” in its own $100 million lawsuit against the YouTuber.

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