Joe Rogan reveals Kanye West’s “wild” plans for scrapped JRE Podcast studio design

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan and Kanye West side-by-side
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Joe Rogan has revealed the “wild” plans that Kanye West had for his studio redesign that were ultimately scrapped before his podcast appearance. 

Over the years, Joe Rogan has had some incredibly highly-anticipated guests on his JRE Podcast, but getting Kanye West to join him on set was a bit of a monumental moment.

The iconic Chicago rapper is hard to nail down, unless he’s got new music on the way, so getting him to fly to Texas and sit down for a few hours was a bit of a coup for Rogan.

Naturally, the pair covered a wide range of topics in their sit-down, with Kanye even offering to re-do the original design of Rogan’s new Austin-based studio. While he didn’t reveal too much at the time, the UFC Commentator has now given some insight into Ye’s plans.

Kanye West and Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan, Instagram
Kanye’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience was one of the show’s most anticipated episodes.

Speaking on episode 1694 of the JRE Podcast, Rogan touched on Kanye’s recent outlandish get-up for his DONDA album premiere, where fans packed into the Mercedes Benz Arena in Atlanta, Georgia to hear his new tracks.

Rogan then switched to praising the way Ye thinks about things, touching on the conversation they had previously. “Before he came on, there was a point in time where he wanted to redesign my studio. He’s like, I want to redesign a studio, I want to do it somewhere else. I was like ok,” Rogan said, noting that Kanye wasn’t a fan of his old, spaceship-like set up and had some grand ideas.

“All of a sudden, we’re on Facetime and he starts showing me sketches he already has of the new studio that he wants to design. He was making a studio like a womb! This big crazy studio, he had wild ideas. His brain, it’s like he’s on jet fuel, just constantly going,” the podcast host added.

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Of course, Rogan ultimately made his new Austin studio resemble his previous backdrop with a bit of a throwback redesign.

As for getting Kanye back on the podcast, Joe might be full of praise for him, but Kanye is elusive, so who knows.