Lana shuts down rumors she’s getting back together with Mike Majlak

Lana Mike Majlak DramaTwitter: Mike Majlak

Lana has shut down rumors she’s getting back together with ex-boyfriend Mike Majlak after he claimed they still “talk every hour,” which she vehemently denied, calling him a ‘liar.’

Mike and Lana shocked the world back in February 2021 when they announced they were breaking up.

It wasn’t the first time. The beloved couple decided to give it another go. However, they couldn’t put their differences aside, ultimately driving Lana to dump him for good.

Since going their separate ways, Lana has been vocal about their relationship. She revealed he sent her a bizarre ‘pros and cons’ list after breaking up, which landed him in hot water with Trisha Paytas.

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However, in a recent tweet, Mike claimed that he and Lana are still in touch and talk “every hour.” This led many fans to believe the two of them could be getting back together.

A dedicated fan took matters into his own hands and decided to ask Lana about it. “Why are you going on dates if you and Mike are getting back together?” he said. “Sorry, but I don’t understand.”

Lana actually responded and confirmed that none of it was true. She claimed Mike ‘lied’ about the whole thing, and they aren’t even on talking terms. “We aren’t getting back together. We aren’t even talking. He lies,” she said.

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The saga between Lana and Mike has continued long after their split, and it seems like it will continue for quite some time.

For some people, it’s still a shock to see them both single, let alone at odds with each other. However, for others, it’s the inevitable aftermath of a seemingly tumultuous relationship behind closed doors.