Mike Majlak and girlfriend Lana break up in shock announcement

Mike Majlak Lana girlfriend break upInstagram: heybigmike / Instagram: lanarhoades

Mike Majlak and Lana have been the sweethearts of the internet world for quite some time, but their relationship is officially over, with Lana breaking the news on Instagram. 

Lana and Mike have had a rocky last few months. They briefly broke up in October 2020 and Mike explained in a YouTube video that it boiled down to the fact that they wanted different things in life.

The decision saddened them both, but they decided it made sense in the long run and parted ways on good terms. Still, it was unexpected news that left their many fans stunned.

Only a week later Lana appeared in a Twitch stream confirming that the two were back together. Mike briefly explained that he’d made a rushed decision in breaking up with her and that they were very much looking forward to the future.

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mike majlak and girlfriend lana on private jetTwitter: MikeMajlak
Mike and Lana have had a rocky relationship

Lana continued to appear in Mike’s The Night Shift vlogs and only in the last few days, the pair even hinted that they wanted to move to Miami together.

However, in an Instagram story on Thursday, February 18 Lana posted a selfie with the caption, “The reason Mike is not on my Instagram is because we are not together, I am single. We are broken up and not getting back together this time. Now leave me alone about it.”

Lana Mike Majlak break up instagramInstagram: lanarhoades
Lana said she and Mike will not get back together this time around.

Sure enough, both Lana and Mike have deleted photos of each other from both of their Instagram feeds, unfollowed each other and Lana has removed Mike from her highlights reel on her profile. On Valentines Day, Lana even posted a gallery with the caption “Valentine’s Day Adventures” with Mike nowhere to be seen.

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According to the most recent episode of Impaulsive, Lana was unhappy after Mike hit on a woman while playing GTA and “broke the fourth wall” by asking for her real-life Instagram. In the episode, Mike describes how Lana blew up his phone telling him that it wasn’t okay.

To appease her, Mike said that he shot the player he hit on in the game and then died, respawning later on. He claimed this wasn’t enough for Lana, although it is unclear if this is the actual reason behind the breakup.

It looks like this time it really is over for good, and Mike is likely to come clean about the real reason behind the breakup in a future video on his YouTube channel.

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