Lana exposes ‘pros & cons’ list Mike Majlak sent her after breakup

Brad Norton

Mike Majlak and Lana have been separated for three months now, but the breakup just got even messier as a new ‘pros vs cons’ list of their relationship has been leaked on TikTok.

Social media stars Lana and Majlak officially called it quits – for the second time– on February 19. While the relationship came to an end there, the former couple has continued to share new details with their fans ever since.

Both have revealed their side of the story with Majlak calling it a “mutual decision” and Lana blaming it on commitment issues. Following the split, they were amicable at first, even appearing in each other’s content. However, the situation just got a whole lot messier.

Majlak tried reaching out to Lana on May 10 with a specific list. This “five-page long” list rattled off his ‘pros and cons’ of the relationship. Mere hours later and Lana exposed this attempt to connect on her TikTok account.

Pros and Cons Mike Majlak Lana
Some of the ‘cons’ of dating Lana, according to Mike Majlak.

Some of the ‘cons’ of dating Lana, according to Mike Majlak.Having blocked Majlak’s number, a friend of Lana’s was relaying his new messages instead. “Tell him to leave me alone and not contact me,” Lana responded. “I don’t care and will get a restraining order against him if he ever bothers me again.”

Nonetheless, the messages were relayed regardless and Lana was treated to a list of pros and cons about their relationship. “Why I date you,” Majlak started before listing off reasons he enjoyed being with Lana. 

From her loyalty to her “solid taste in music,” the list covered a wide range of ‘positives’ about Lana. The message soon dipped into reasons why Mike doesn’t date her anymore. This part of the list was much longer, diving into both “major dealbreakers” and more “minor issues.”

These range from “chewing with [her] mouth open” to being “extremely needy when it comes to [spending] time together.” Unsurprisingly, Lana was not impressed with the list and quickly shared it online for the world to see.

“I don’t care what you or any man does or doesn’t like,” she said on TikTok. “No one asked. Oh, and it was five pages long. Here’s your ‘clout’ Michael!”

While the former couple was on again and off again throughout much of 2020, it seems as though the bridges are fully burnt with this latest development.

Having threatened a restraining order against Majlak, this could be the last they interact with each other for quite some time.