Lana finally confirms real reason why she dumped Mike Majlak for good

Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades togetherYouTube: MikeMajlakvlogs

Two months after the social media power couple officially called it quits, Lana has finally broken her silence and revealed the true reason why she moved on from Mike Majlak.

Lana’s public relationship with Majlak was an on-again-off-again affair while they were a couple. The two first parted ways back in October before getting together again just days later. While a number of reasons were given as to why the pair eventually split for good in February, Lana has now revealed her side of the story.

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The leading controversy back then involved Majlak’s Grand Theft Auto Online sessions. Throughout his streams, he would “break the fourth wall” and hit on women in the Role Playing servers. While this “traumatized” Lana at the time, it wasn’t the actual reason she moved on.

Not only that, but it also wasn’t due to him being “inappropriate with other women” in the real world either. What it came down to was finally moving in together, according to Lana.

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Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades togetherInstagram: Mikemajlak
Majlak and Lana have been split for just over two months.

“He told me he was going to move in with me,” Lana shared on an April 20 episode of the BFF podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. While the two had plans to share a house, Majlak allegedly “broke up” with Lana “the day he was supposed to move in.”

After rebuilding the bridges and getting the relationship back on track, history repeated itself. The two were planning to move in together for a “second time,” Lana said. However, this time around, there was another reason that stopped it from happening.

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The day after Majlak was supposed to move in again, he allegedly told Lana that he had other plans. Instead of moving in with his partner, Majlak revealed that he was working on a new “content house with [Richard ‘FaZe Banks’ Bengston].”

More than frustrated by this response, Lana decided to call it quits the very next day. “I was like just get the f*** out of my house,” she told Majlak.

The relevant topic begins at the 8:00 mark below.

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This explanation differs from Majlak’s statement after the latest breakup. According to him, it was a “mutual decision” as the couple just couldn’t “make [it] work.”

Having now been separated for just over two months, the former couple has no plans of trying to build the relationship once again.

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