Mike Majlak responds to rumors of being fired from Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast

Jacob Hale
logan paul and mike majlak on impaulsive

After rumors spread that co-host Mike Majlak had been “fired” from Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Mike has denied the rumor and explained what has really happened between the two of them.

Some fans will have noticed a growing divide between Logan and Mike, mainly in the lack of appearing in each other’s content.

Then, with Logan moving to Puerto Rico and Mike moving into a new content house with the likes of FaZe Banks and Adin Ross, it looks like their working relationship is as good as over.

After denying that he had been fired by the YouTube star, Majlak went on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast and the topic came up.

Impaulsive hosts George, Logan, Mike
Impaulsive was big for Mike, Logan and co., with some huge hosts.

As well as talking about alternate realities, clout chasing and Banks’ struggles uploading to YouTube, they decided to tackle Mike being “fired” by his best friend head on.

Adam asked if Mike would be going back to Impaulsive, and Banks joked about him “getting the boot,” but Mike gave the proper answer.

“Logan’s focused on the fight,” he explained, talking about the upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather. “We’re not talking about Impaulsive, we’re not talking about the future of the show, we’re not talking about our friendship. We’re not talking about any of that sh*t. He’s focused on the biggest night of his life.”

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He also adds that they will “cross the Impaulsive bridge” post-fight, and figure out whatever bulls**t has happened between them then.

Needless to say, Mike is not letting the rumor spread that he was fired by Logan, and it sounds like whatever’s happening with them and Impaulsive will have to be settled after Logan’s fight on June 6.

It definitely looks as though Mike and Logan are taking separate paths in their content careers, but it would be a shame for them to end their working relationship on a bad note. Fans will be hoping things can go back to normal sooner rather than later.