Mike Majlak confirms he’s back together with Lana after just one week

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Mike Majlak Lana Back Together
Mike Majlak

In his first-ever Twitch stream, Mike Majlak’s had an unexpected guest when Lana rocked up with some lunch, and he confirmed the two of them are back together.

Last week, Mike Majlak confirmed that he had broken up with Lana after rumors surfaced on the internet. He explained that it boiled down to the fact that they wanted different things in life.

The decision saddened them both, but they decided it made sense in the long run and parted ways on good terms. Still, it was unexpected news that left their many fans stunned.

They’ve been trying not to talk and keeping their distance. However, it seems like they couldn’t stay away from each other and have already re-kindled.

Mike Majlak Lana Back Together
Mike Majlak
Mike Majlak and Lana had a very public relationship, but it always seemed like a healthy one.

To the surprise of all the viewers on Twitch, Lana walked in through the front door carrying some lunch. The two of them had a brief chat before she sat down on his lap, and he placed his arms around her.

Mike had already died in his current Among Us game, so he decided it was a good time to open up about the situation.

“I got a little guest here today that I wanted to bring on for a second,” he said. We’re not gonna get too into sh*t today. But she wanted to stop by and say what’s up.”

“I just wanted to bring you some food because I didn’t want you to starve,” said Lana. Mike was clearly grateful, and the way they were interacting suggested the two of them were back together.

Mike spent the next minute proudly showing her his computer and streaming equipment. However, it reminded him to tell one of his Twitch moderators to “add the Lana emote back” because she was going to be “back in his life.”

“I didn’t go anywhere!” said Lana, which prompted Mike to stop chugging on his drink and elaborate in more detail.

“Boys make really, like, sudden decisions sometimes,” he said.

“I rushed on some sh*t and… I suck. I suck,” he said. “I don’t know how else to put. I suck as a person, but here we are. We’re back… and it’s hard to explain that on a f**king stream.”

Meanwhile, Lana seemed interested in Among Us. Mike Majlak broke it down and explained the concept, and she looked intrigued. Hopefully, in his next stream, the two of them will be on together.

Either way, their fans will be thrilled to know the much-loved couple is back together. The break-up did kind of happen out of the blue, but it seems like they’ve worked things out and look stronger than ever.