Mike Majlak hits back at Trisha Paytas over his relationship with Lana

Jacob Hale
Mike Majlak and Trisha Paytas
YouTube: Frenemies/Impaulsive

After some more controversy in the Mike Majlak and Lana camp, Mike has come out to defend himself after criticism from popular influencer Trisha Paytas.

Trisha and Ethan Klein have become far more well-known throughout 2021 for their criticism and commentary on influencer culture, discussing the stories of David Dobrik’s allegations, Jeff Wittek’s life-threatening accident, and more.

After Majlak and FaZe Banks appeared on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22, in which they discussed Trisha, they decided to confront the arising beef between them.

Mike alleges that Trisha accused them of having sexual assault allegations made against them during their Frenemies podcast with Ethan Klein. They then tweeted about Majlak shortly after, saying: “I liked Mike before he showed his [clown face emoji] with the pros/cons list… He goes for the low blows which shows his lack of intelligence right there.”

Around an hour later, Mike responded to them, defending himself and asking for a “positive outcome” and for Trisha to actually talk to him about it.

“The pros/cons list was a private note meant to facilitate a conversation around us getting back together, a conversation still happening even tonight,” he told them. “You act as if you know nothing about how confusing and sometimes unsettling the end of a relationship can be… Is it any of your business either way? F**k NO. You know absolutely nothing about our relationship.”

He continued: “I took issue with you lying and saying ‘3/3 men on the show have sexual allegations’ when you know that is 1000% unbacked and has never even been claimed by anyone. Lying about sexual assault terribly demeans actual cases and you should be extremely cautious when you do so.”

Finally, Mike urged Trisha to send him a DM and have a conversation, saying they can even record the conversation to clear the air.

Trisha didn’t directly comment on what Mike said, but told him that they “raise awareness and believe victims,” with screenshots of allegations made against him, Banks, and Adam22.

Whether or not they talk this through remains to be seen, but Mike clearly hasn’t taken kindly to Paytas’ criticisms and wants to put an end to it now.