Mike Majlak responds to rumors that relationship with Lana is back on

Mike Majlak and lana togetherYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

Mike Majlak has responded to rumors suggesting that he’s back with former adult star and ex-girlfriend Lana, more than two years after they officially announced their split.

Mike and Lana had a whirlwind relationship before they finally called it quits in February 2021.

A couple of months later, Lana opened up on the split, saying that Mike had foiled plans for them to move in together twice, after which she finally decided she had had enough and put an end to their relationship.

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Since then, they’ve become friends again and Lana is a regular feature in his YouTube videos once more, including in his most recent upload on March 26 where the two take her one-year-old child for a day out and are getting along incredibly well.

While there was nothing specifically said in the video itself, Mike himself took to the comments to clear the air and settle a few things about himself, Lana, and their relationship.

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Reeling off some answers to common questions, the first thing he spoke about was their relationship status.

“We’re not getting back together, but she’s my homie for life and I’ll always check in on her and little man,” he said. He then went on to joke that he was “still clickbaiting Lana for views but also it’s great content so shut up.”

Mike Majlak comment about Lana RhoadesYouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs
Mike decided to address the relationship rumors head-on.

Viewers have frequently suggested that the two could be rekindling the old flame, especially when she appears in his videos, but Mike has once again put rest to any rumors for now, though many will likely choose not to believe him.

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That’s not to completely rule out any chance of them getting back together in the future but, for now, they seem content to just be friends.

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