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KSI agrees to fight Adam Saleh in heated DMs as tensions rise

Published: 3/Aug/2021 23:50

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and music artist KSI has agreed to spar fellow influencer Adam Saleh in a series of leaked DMs as their beef continues to escalate following Saleh’s draw with Walid Sharks.

KSI and Adam Saleh have been beefing back and forth for the past month. Their rivalry kicked off when KSI accused Saleh of being a “fraud” upon learning that Saleh had purportedly fixed his charity match against mixed martial artist Marcus Stephenson in 2019.

Saleh hit back at the British YouTuber in an Instagram story shortly thereafter, claiming he’d “Tank Davis this dude if I have ONE round with him in the ring” and bragging that KSI was too “scared” to box him.


Their drama came to a head after Saleh faced off against young Walid Sharks on July 30 — a bout that ended in a draw, despite many viewers feeling that Sharks had thoroughly outshone his opponent.

Adam Saleh social knockout
TK Fight Night / Twitter: itsarjunaik
Adam Saleh vs Waleed Sharks ended up resulting in a draw – but not everyone feels this ruling was fair.

Their draw resulted in a slew of outrage over the ruling, prompting KSI to poke fun at Saleh for losing to a “kid” in the ring, with Saleh in turn asking that KSI fight a “real” boxer of his own weight class.

It seems that these two will duke out their differences against each other in the boxing ring sometime soon, after Saleh leaked a few DMs with KSI scheduling a future sparring match.


adam saleh clap back KSI
Instagram: Adam Saleh, KSI
KSI poked fun at Adam Saleh’s draw against Wahleed Sharks on July 30.

“I don’t care,” KSI wrote. “Just come to the gym. 10 AM. I’ll tell you the gym a few days before.”

“Say less,” Saleh replied.

“I’ll just humble you,” KSI shot back.

“Lmao I’ma humble you,” Saleh retorted. “I honestly think the person I fought today is more of a challenge than you. I fight better with big dudes like you.”

“We’ll have a medic around in case you get knocked out,” KSI warned. “See you soon boss.”

Instagram: Adam Saleh
It looks like YouTubers Adam Saleh and KSI have agreed to spar sometime in the near future. Saleh initially offered a date of August 11, but it’s unclear if KSI agreed to this date.

While it’s true that KSI has his sights set on boxing Jake Paul when his music career slows down, it seems that fans have a bit of an appetizer before this long-awaited grudge match takes place — although we still don’t know where or when this sudden sparring match is going down.