KSI slams “fraud” Adam Saleh for allegedly rigging boxing match against MMA fighter

Virginia Glaze
KSI slams Adam Saleh as fraud for match fixingYouTube: JJ Olatunji, Adam Saleh Vlogs

YouTube star KSI has officially hopped on the bandwagon of ranking influencer boxers — and when it came to Adam Saleh, the British content creator had a decidedly negative opinion.

KSI is one of the key YouTubers who helped pioneer the current hot trend of influencer boxing. After facing off with Joe Weller in 2018 — a match he won — KSI went on to box Logan Paul, sparking a craze that resulted in the Battle of the Platforms last month.

As such, it stands to reason that KSI is an authority on the subject. Thus, he took it upon himself to rank the now-bursting category of social media stars-turned-boxers after FaZe Jarvis uploaded his own tier list a few days prior.

KSI’s video was fairly even-handed, if a bit humorous, with the YouTuber even going so far as to place rival Jake Paul in ‘God-Tier’ — but when Adam Saleh’s turn came around, KSI learned some surprising information.

In March 2021, Saleh’s ex-manager, Naz, alleged in a live broadcast that Saleh had purportedly fixed his boxing match against MMA fighter Marcus Stephenson in 2019.

“The truth of the matter is, bro, you lied to everybody,” Naz said. “You paid Marcus off. You didn’t even fight. What a sick b****d, bruv. What a sick f**k. And then you take a picture with your dad with the belt? And you say, ‘I’ve bought my dad everything.'”

After bringing up the video, KSI appeared genuinely shocked, and immediately moved Saleh from ‘Decent’ tier to ‘Should Retire’ tier.

“I thought it looked weird!” KSI said after reviewing the match footage. “This whole fight looked so weird. He’s not even trying to knock him out!”

“Aw, nah, mate, Adam Saleh, you’re a f**king fraud,” he continued. “Get out. Right back down to ‘Should Retire and Never Enter a Ring Ever Again.’ You f**king fraud! Oh my god, Jesus Christ! I heard about it, but I didn’t think it was f**king true!”

(Topic begins at 5:41)

It’s safe to say that KSI is not impressed with Saleh’s purported match-fixing, and many commenters are now itching for his response after KSI brought up the allegations.