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KSI roasts Adam Saleh after Social Knockout draw against “kid” Waleed Sharks

Published: 30/Jul/2021 23:51 Updated: 3/Aug/2021 23:12

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and music artist KSI is wasting no time roasting rival influencer Adam Saleh after his draw against Waleed Sharks at the June 30 Social Knockout boxing event.

KSI and Adam Saleh have been spatting back and forth for some time now. Earlier this month, KSI hit out at Saleh for purportedly “fixing” his boxing match against mixed martial artist Marcus Stephenson in 2019.

In fact, the British YouTuber called Saleh a “f**king fraud” — prompting Saleh to hit back in a series of Instagram posts bragging that he would “Tank Davis this dude if I have ONE round with him in the ring” and claiming that KSI is “scared to fight” him.


Saleh’s boxing skills were put to the test in his July 30 match against 17-year-old Waleed Sharks… a match that ended in a draw, in spite of many viewers’ opinions that Waleed appeared to clearly outshine his opponent.


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This has led to a slew of outrage online against the ruling — as well as some jokes at Saleh’s expense, which KSI took part in with an Instagram post of his own.

Shortly after news of the draw spread online, KSI took to Instagram to shade his rival, claiming that there’s no way Saleh could hope to take him on after being beaten by a “kid.”


Adam Saleh social knockout
TK Fight Night / Twitter: itsarjunaik
Adam Saleh vs Waleed Sharks ended up resulting in a draw – but not everyone feels this ruling was fair.

KSI also took shots at Slim, who faced off against N&A Productions and won in a victory that many are claiming wasn’t a balanced fight.

“Adam Saleh got beat up by a kid and he thinks he can beat me?” KSI asked with a slew of laughing emojis. “And Slim, there’s no way you can be gassed beating someone like that. The guy hardly fought back lmao.”

Saleh clapped back at KSI’s comments in another Instagram post, writing: “LMFAO you don’t even know how to fight properly! I fought an actual fighter! I dare you to fight a real boxer your weight!”


adam saleh clap back KSI
Instagram: Adam Saleh, KSI
Adam Saleh clapped back at KSI by arguing that his British rival hasn’t fought a “real” boxer – but, in fairness, KSI did face off against someone who would go on to fight Floyd Mayweather.

While it’s unlikely we’ll ever see these two hash out their differences in the boxing ring (as KSI is focused on Jake Paul as a highly possible future opponent), their verbal sparring is still a treat worthy of a good chuckle.