Adam Saleh hits back at KSI’s match fixing accusations: “I will end your boxing career”

Adam Saleh responds to KSI comments match fixingYouTube: JJ Olatunji, Adam Saleh Vlogs

YouTuber Adam Saleh has responded to KSI’s latest video, where he brought up allegations against Saleh that accused him of fixing a boxing match against MMA fighter Marcus Stephenson in 2019.

As one of the YouTubers responsible for pioneering the current influencer boxing trend, KSI gave his two cents on all the internet stars who have thrown down in the ring thus far during a July 1 YouTube video.

However, when it came time to rate Adam Saleh, KSI brought up allegations from Saleh’s former manager, Naz, who’d accused Saleh of paying off MMA fighter Marcus Stephenson to lose their fight two years ago.

“Adam Saleh, you’re a f**king fraud,” KSI said of the allegations. “Get out. Right back down to ‘Should Retire and Never Enter a Ring Ever Again.’ You f**king fraud!”

(Topic begins at 5:41)

While Naz made the accusations in March 2021, KSI’s video brought them up in a huge way to his over 13 million subscribers a few months later… and it was only a matter of time before this news reached Saleh.

Just a day later, Saleh posted his response to the matter — and he didn’t exactly address the rumors. Instead, he took shots at KSI, claiming that he could take him out in one round.

“I honestly would TANK DAVIS this dude if I have ONE round with him in the ring,” he wrote. “I’ll even fly to the UK and do it. But NOPE, he would never lmaooo, then he won’t be able to fight Jake or anybody. Smart boy!”


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“He’s always been scared to fight me or even SPAR me,” he continued, posting a video of KSI telling a fan that he wouldn’t fight Saleh. “Gimme one round and I promise you I will END your boxing career. He knows better.”

It’s true that KSI is looking forward to boxing Jake Paul once his music career has settled down, but a potential bout with Saleh is still up in the air. KSI has yet to comment on Saleh’s reply at the time of writing.