KSI responds to Jake Paul’s claims he’s “ducking” a fight with him

Jake Paul KSI boxing matchYouTube: IMPAULSIVE/Jake Paul

In the latest episode of Impaulsive, KSI decided to respond to Jake Paul’s claims that he’s “ducking” a fight with him because he’s too scared to get in the ring.

Despite taking on Logan Paul in two blockbuster boxing matches back in 2018 and 2019, KSI finally settled the long-standing beef after making a surprise appearance on Impaulsive.

While this came as a shock to a lot of their fans, it’s obvious the pair have developed a level of respect for each other, and no longer feel the need to hold a grudge.

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However, although KSI’s relationship with Logan is on the mend, his rivalry with his brother is far from over.

With Jake Paul making countless statements that KSI is “ducking” a fight with him, the British YouTuber decided to address the topic and explained exactly why he hasn’t stepped in the ring since his second fight with Logan.

KSI Fight Jake PaulYouTube: IMPAULSIVE
KSI has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube.

KSI explains why he’s not “ducking” Jake Paul fight

With KSI versus Jake Paul being the most anticipated boxing match when it comes to YouTube fights, it was inevitable that the topic was going to come up during the podcast.

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After talking about the overwhelming amount of projects he’s been working on, KSI decided to address the claims that he’s been “ducking” a fight with Jake.

According to him, it all comes down to how busy he’s been with recently with his music taking off, the Sidemen channel, and his own content. He made it very clear that he wants to be 100% focused on boxing when he decides to commit to a fight, and that’s not a possibility at the moment.

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“I’ve got the Sidemen channel, I’ve got my own channel, I’ve got the music… that’s why it makes me laugh, Jake Paul’s there like, you’re ducking me, I’m like bro, I’ve got so much going on, all he has is the boxing.”

Topic starts at 40:12

Despite this, KSI made it very clear that he was still interested in the Jake Paul fight, but he wants to take on Austin McBroom beforehand to show Jake how much he’s improved.

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“For me to fight Austin, I need to fight him right now, to show Jake how much I’ve improved, and to strike fear into him.”

This is great news for fans of YouTube boxing, as it means two huge bouts are potentially on the cards in the near future. However, as shown by Jake’s recent performances, he’s now a fighter that needs to be taken extremely seriously.