Hasan explains how Andrew Tate “exploded” on social media before ban

Emma Hill
Hasan livestreaming on Twitch and Andrew Tate talking in interview

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has shared his views on how controversial internet star Andrew Tate manage to “captivate” young audiences on social media before his various bans.

Andrew Tate dominated the internet throughout Summer 2022 with his highly controversial views, particularly those regarding women. However, what became particularly worrying for many was the affect it was having on his young male viewers.

Following on from calls for social media platforms to take action against Tate, he suddenly found himself being banned from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Eventually, it lead to him backing down from the internet.

Twitch star Hasan believes that despite his “dumb” views, Tate was able to “very successfully penetrate social media” by sparking debates with his controversial views in a way “we’ve never seen before.”

Hasan blown away by Andrew Tate’s quick rise to fame

On August 25, Hasan discussed Tate’s deplatforming with his viewers. His fans were particularly worried about what Tate’s “15 minutes of fame” said about “young men.” But, for Hasan, it’s more to do with how Tate worked on social media.

He argued: “[It] doesn’t stay anything about the state of young men. If anything it says the state of how you can use […] right wing narratives and really explosive commentary to blow the f**k up in our social media environment.”

Hasan added that Tate was able to “blow up” on the internet so quickly because he was “reinforcing pre-existing dynamics” and subsequently appealed and ‘captivated’ young audiences with his “dumb” views.

(Topic in video begins at 04:38:30)

Hasan further claimed that the main difference between him and Tate, other than being on the opposite ends of the scale with their social and political views, is that he has been vocal about his “leftist” views throughout his streaming career, but it was never to go viral.

The content creator isn’t the only streamer to have shared their take on Tate’s internet-wide social media ban. For instance, Asmongold, Dream, and Sidemen’s KSI have similarly offered their opinion on the topic.

Tate may have officially said goodbye to his fans on the internet, much to the relief of his critics. However, with him continuing to be a hot topic of conversation across social media, this likely won’t be the last we’ve heard of Tate.

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