Asmongold gives honest verdict on Andrew Tate’s ban from TikTok, Instagram, & YouTube

Emma Hill
Asmongold streaming on Twitch and Andrew Tate speaking on StandoutTV

Twitch streamer Asmongold is the latest internet star to share his take on Andrew Tate’s platform-wide bans, claiming that controversial figures should only be deplatformed for breaking the law.

Andrew Tate has dominated the internet in recent months. It seemed as though every day the former kickboxing champion had sparked yet another heated dispute on social media due to his controversial comments, particularly over women.

With the internet divided and concerns over the influence he could be having on impressionable young fans, social media platforms decided to do something about it. Adding to his indefinite Twitter suspension, Tate was subsequently banned from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

However, according to popular MMORPG streamer Asmongold, deplatforming should be saved for individuals who use social media to “break the law” rather than having “stupid” opinions.

Asmongold questions Andrew Tate social media ban

When asked about his view surrounding Tate’s ban from Facebook and Instagram, Asmongold claimed that platforms should reserve such drastic action for law-breaking individuals as “freedom of speech must be protected.”

“Should having really stupid opinions be something that you be deplatformed for?” the streamer asked. “In my opinion, it should be based off the law.”

He admitted that he wasn’t entirely sure whether “it was the right decision to ban” Tate as he hadn’t fully looked into his content, but added that he generally believes “it’s a bad idea for people to be banned off social media entirely whenever they did not break the law.”

Tate is currently under investigation reportedly following human trafficking and rape accusations in Romania which led to his home being raided by police, according to Daily Beast. He denies any wrongdoing.

“I think the stuff that he says regarding women is 100% wrong,” Asmongold clarified. “I think Andrew Tate is an a**hole […] but I think that the line for getting banned on those platforms should be breaking the law with those platforms.”

It’s harder for Tate to reach out to his dedicated fanbase due to his various bans. However, with numerous influencers including him in their content, Tate continues to dominate the internet for now.

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