Hasan accuses Destiny of “cyberstalking” him amid livestream drama ban

Josh Taylor
Hasan Abi during his Twitch stream.

Hasan Abi has claimed that fellow political streamer Destiny is “obsessive” about using him for content.

On March 29, popular streamer Hasan Abi was live streaming on Twitch as he was reacting to a YouTube video that claimed his viewership had plummeted. While discussing this with his viewers, he disagreed and stated that many just creators bash his name for content, such as fellow streamers Destiny and xQc.

Hasan said: “For the record, if Destiny is not allowed to talk about me, it will be xQc talking to Destiny or talking about me while repeating what Desiny has said. That’s the other part of it, because like, there just. I hope that people are like of sound mind and they probably recognize that it’s like obsessive right, I hope.”

Timestamp: 3:29:15

During the course of the live stream, his Twitch chat was constantly messaging about the two streamers, as one called them and their communities out for “farming lolcows,” in regards to constantly using him for content.

Hasan read it aloud and agreed saying “yeah”, before accusing them of cyberstalking: “I hope normal people see that and go ‘eurgh it’s obsessive’ because it really is. You must not allow yourself to normalize this as anything but cyberstalking. Because it is. It’s like obsessive, it’s weird.”

The reaction from him and his community was further sparked after xQc and Destiny discussed him in a stream, just a day before. Destiny went on to call Hasan an “evil person” and expressed that he hates him.

This has led the popular subreddit Livestreamfail, which has over 2.8 million members, to put a complete ban on Hasan vs Destiny drama being posted, including third-party commentary. In a statement, the moderators stated: “These two communities have turned LSF into a battleground for them to attack one another.”

At the time of writing, neither xQc nor Destiny have addressed Hasan’s comments.

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