Andrew Tate’s channels removed from both YouTube & Twitch

Zackerie Fairfax
andrew tate youtube twitch ban

Andrew Tate has now been banned from five social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. And the creator has seemingly nuked his own Twitch channel hours later

This week has been rough for controversial internet personality Andrew Tate, who has been banned from several of the largest social media platforms. This follows an unprecedented surge in popularity for Tate as he shared his opinions on shows and streams belonging to the internet’s largest creators.

It began with Meta banning him from Facebook and Instagram (where he had over 14 million followers).

He was later banned from TikTok with the platform taking action against videos and accounts featuring Tate’s controversial takes.

And with these bans, all Tate had left was Twitch, YouTube, and Hustler’s University. But those who claim Tate is a toxic influence on young men because of his “misogynistic” opinions called for the influencer to be banned from the remaining platforms.

Andrew Tate banned from YouTube

tate speech banned youtubeUsers are met with an error screen when visiting the TateSpeech and TateConfidential YouTube channels.

On Monday, August 22, Andrew Tate’s YouTube channels – TateSpeech and Tateconfidential – would be removed from the platform.

When attempting to visit both channels, users are met with a screen stating “This page isn’t available. Sorry about that. Try searching for something else.”

At the time of writing, neither Andrew Tate nor YouTube has issued a statement now why the channels were deleted. However, in YouTube’s hate speech policy, channels are forbidden to post content promoting violence or hatred against individuals based on “sex/gender” as well as “victims of a major violent event and their kin.”

Andrew Tate reportedly deletes Twitch channel

Hours after Andrew Tate had two of his YouTube channels removed, users noticed that the ‘TateSpeech’ Twitch channel had been deleted. However, the screen that appears when attempting to visit the channel states that the channel was closed by the user.

Despite having 50,000 followers, Tate rarely streamed on the TateSpeech channel but instead took to appearing on streams with a much larger following such as Adin Ross and Clix’s channels.

The deletion of his channel happened concurrently with the launch of Hustler’s University 3.0, a “revamped” and “upgraded” version of his money-making academy.

Users on Twitter speculate that Tate deleted this channel to dodge yet another platform ban so as to not be barred from appearing on other streams.