Andrew Tate delivers “final message” on Vimeo after social media bans

Virginia Glaze
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Controversial online figure Andrew Tate has delivered his “final message” in an hour-long Vimeo video after receiving multiple bans from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube over the past week.

Andrew Tate has released a statement via Vimeo on August 23 after receiving a swath of criticism over the past several weeks, resulting in him being banned from multiple online platforms.

Andrew Tate’s hour-and-thirteen-minute-long Vimeo video began with a description of childhood bullying he endured on the school bus, where he was encouraged to handle the matter himself.

As a result, Tate claimed he hit one of his bullies in the face with a metal lunchbox before running home.

“Even at a very young age, I was taught that going to authority and crying and hoping someone else was going to fix your problems is not the way a man should conduct himself,” Tate said.

He went on to address the multiple ongoing allegations against him, bringing up his religious beliefs and reiterating that the current backlash “does not emotionally affect” him.

Andrew Tate slams “attacks” against him

“The public consciousness has been polluted to where narratives are being purported, which are absolutely and utterly false, and it’s having a genuinely negative impact on the people I care about, and the people who care about me,” he continued.

“A lot of these attacks against me are disguised under the virtue of caring about women. But none of these people attacking me care about women. None of them donate to women’s charities. None of them donate to charity like I do.”

Andrew Tate hits back at “out of context” criticism

Tate then hit back against popular criticism against him, chiefly claims of misogyny, referencing a particular TikTok that he claims took his words “out of context.”

“I didn’t say that,” he argued. “I said that women should be protected and provided for. But because a small clip was taken out of context, and used against me and weaponized, now I look like I’ve said things I did not say.”

Andrew Tate says remaining social medias will be dedicated to charity

The online mogul also claimed that he would be “detailing on my email list all of my charitable donations, all the orphanages I will be building,” using the “hundreds of millions of dollars” he’s gained from his internet fame for “positive causes.”

Tate wrapped up his video by encouraging his fans to “please explain the truth in a respectful manner” to his critics and said that “any remaining social media channels” of his will be dedicated toward charitable causes.