Andrew Tate’s return stream attracts 430,000 concurrent viewers

Andrew Tate makes record breaking return to streamRumble: Tatespeech

Andrew Tate has made his highly-anticipated return to live-streaming after his release from detention, drawing in 420,000 concurrent viewers on Rumble.

After being arrested on human trafficking charges, controversial social media personality Andrew Tate is now (temporarily) a free man. Tate has been released from detention and is now on house arrest in Romania.

Ahead of any resolution to Tate’s ongoing case, the divisive social media megastar made a return to the live-streaming space on June 14.

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The highly-anticipated return raked in staggering numbers, peaking at just over 430,000 concurrent viewers on Rumble.

While the near half-million viewers makes it one of the biggest live-streamed broadcasts of the year on Rumble, despite the claims of others, it falls just shy of cracking into the top 20 most-watched streams across both YouTube and Twitch.

The stream, titled “Emergency meeting – counter-attack”, had Tate and his brother Tristan discuss their unwavering worldviews, time in jail, and possible reimprisonment.

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“They could imprison our bodies, but not our minds,” Tate said, seemingly unfazed.

At one point during the stream, Tate’s house experienced an unexpected power outage, resulting in a flurry of theories and conspiracies. Some viewers referred to the outage as a “Matrix attack” sent to silence the brothers.

Streamed on Rumble, the platform described the event as a “massive technological feat”.

While the site claimed that servers in the US faced no issues, some international viewers reportedly experienced lagging. Rumble responded to the issue with a tweet stating “Not our problem”.

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