QTCinderella hits out at “hot take sexist men” getting attention on Twitch

QtCinderella streaming on TwitchTwitch: QTCinderella

Twitch star QTCinderella has called on her fellow streamers to stop “giving attention” to some controversial internet figures who have been causing a storm with their ‘misogynistic’ takes.

A fiery dispute sparked among the streaming community after kickboxer and internet star Andrew Tate appeared on Adin Ross’ Twitch stream and shared numerous ‘sexist’ views during his interview.

Tate has continued to hit the headlines since then over his controversial takes. Various Twitch creators have also got into a heated dispute with Tate after featuring him in their livestreams.

However, QTCinderella begged streamers to stop featuring figures such as Tate in their livestreams as it gives their views a “platform.” Subsequently, it could have a potentially dangerous influence over young viewers.

QTCinderella slams ‘sexist’ influencers

On July 26, QTCinderella ‘begged’ her fellow streaming stars to not give attention to “hot take sexist men” by including them in their content.

The comment was in response to young Twitch streamer who caused uproar after claiming he would harass female streamers “because it’s funny” and makes “content.” A clip posted by Amanderz showed the streamer berating her and making inappropriate comments.

For QT, this is a direct result of controversial figures who are “blossoming on the internet” and are encouraging such behavior.

Her followers agreed with the comment claiming that the young streamer’s behavior was worryingly similar to that of IShowSpeed, Adin Ross, and Andrew Tate fans.

Tate isn’t the only internet figure to have caused a storm over his ‘misogynistic’ statements. Twitch streamer Greekgodx was also under fire after stating that any future female partner of his could expect to be “cooking, cleaning, and making sure my home is f**king clean.”

It’s not been confirmed whether the comments were what led to his Twitch suspension as of writing. However, for QTCinderella it is still a worrying sign of the effects such behavior on Twitch is having on young creators.

Correction: A previous version of this article used the wrong name for the streamer who was harassing Amanderz – Amanderz is the streamer who was harassed by the young streamer who has now been banned.