TrainwrecksTV discusses how the opposition is actually helping Andrew Tate

Kawter Abed
TrainwrecksTV and Andrew Tate

TrainwrecksTV explains controversial Andrew Tate’s recent popularity, during a recent Twitch livestream.

If you’ve been on social media lately, chances are you’ve seen Tate pop up on your feed on your TikTok, and Twitter feeds.

The controversial kick-boxer and internet persona has gone viral numerous times for sharing “mysogynistic” views on women, and was even banned from Twitter at some point for his extreme views.

Many are dumbfounded at the kick-boxer’s sudden rise in fame, amassing over 2.5 million followers on Instagram despite his controversial views. However, TrainswrecksTV believes he knows why Tate has blown up on social media.

TrainwrecksTV explains the rise of Andrew Tate

During a recent Twitch stream, Tyler Niknam, known as Trainwreck, explained to his 2 million followers that the cause of Tate’s popularity is due to people hating on him.

“The rise of him is directly because of the people that hate him now,” the Twitch streamer said.

He continued: “When you push it long enough, that kind of sensitive ‘you can’t say anything’ culture, the pendulum will swing on the opposite side because people will get sick of it eventually.”

Judging by his comments, Trainwreck believes that people who think the world is too “sensitive” relate to controversial figures like Tate, and choose to blindly follow them because they oppose the things they hate.

Trainwreck concluded: “The people who don’t like him are actually the ones who are responsible for him, and that’s a truth many people won’t really grasp.”