Hasan mocks Adin Ross after “failed” threat

Filip Krawanski
Adin Ross (left), Hasan (right)

Twitch star Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker mocked Adin Ross after the Kick streamer made a Tweet that Hasan read as a veiled threat.

Over the last few months, Hasan and Adin Ross had a couple of back-and-forths across Twitch and Twitter, with Hasan stating that Adin’s content was “problematic.” Followed by Hasan stating that Adin is going down a “bad path” due to the nature of the content he puts out and the comments he is making.

The two had another exchange in the middle of March when Hasan clapped back at Adin Ross’s comments that Hasan does it only for the money.

The two creators have taken potshots at each other even since the previous exchange, with a new development emerging when Adin Ross tweeted out “Yo @hasanthehun can u teach me how to tie a not,” with what looks to be a picture of a tangled shoelace.

Hasan reacted to the tweet live, mocking Adin for his grammar and generally being confused as the veiled threat seemed very unprompted.

Hasan mocks Adin Ross over his latest Tweet

Hasan did not take the Tweet seriously and mocked Adin in a clip from his live stream.

“Adin Ross is I think trying to say that I should kill myself or something, but, in like a creative way. But also pretty funny that he doesn’t know how to say “knot,” there you go. I don’t know why or what reason he came up with this out of nowhere,” summed up Hasan.

Viewers reacting to the clip on r/Livestreamfail were equally confused by the message the Tweet was supposed to convey.

“Not a knot and not a noose. Dude failed in his threat twice while using google to get the image,” commented one user.

“Just weird behavior when not even a year ago they met up IRL and were cordial. Then he met Andrew Tate,” pointed out another user.

It seems like the feud between these streamers will go on for a while longer at least.