Hasan blasts Andrew Tate for ‘backtracking’ following Facebook and Instagram ban

Emma Hill
Andrew Tate Instagram photo with Hasan streaming in Twitch

Twitch streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker has lashed out at controversial internet figure Andrew Tate, who defended his comments after being slapped with a ban from Instagram and Facebook.

Andrew Tate has been dominating the internet in recent months with his controversial takes, especially with regards to his views on women and their place in society. However, he has continued to deny any accusations that he is “misogynistic” and claimed he is instead a “realist.”

On August 19, following a whirlwind of controversy and high-profile clashes, Tate was slapped with a ban from Facebook and Instagram. The reason was supposedly violating their policies on “dangerous organizations and individuals.”

Tate later took to Adin Ross’ Twitch livestream to discuss the ban and his comments, once again, sparked fury for Twitch streamer Hasan.

Hasan slams Andrew Tate during Adin Ross Twitch livestream

Hasan was reluctant at first to broadcast Tate’s interview during his livestream but eventually caved in after being swamped with requests in his chat. Unsurprisingly, he had a lot to say when Tate claimed: “The idea that I hate women is so far from the truth.”

Bursting into laughter, Hasan responded: “What the f**k! That’s so funny to say, dude. Yo, you do hate women you p***y. What do you mean? He does hate women.”

He further claimed that Tate’s supposed U-turn on his views about women during Ross’ stream was only due to his Facebook and Instagram ban. Whereas, when he’s surrounded by “hype-men” his attitude is much more ‘misogynistic.’


As Tate went on to promote a new “game” based on his training course ‘Hustler’s University’, Hasan branded him a “grifter” and a “salesman.” He continued to blast him for “always selling,” in this instance to Ross’ 93k viewers.

This isn’t the first time that Hasan has hit out at Tate. The two famously locked horns in an explosive argument which eventually saw Hasan being kicked off the stream after disputing Tate’s views.

Tate is now banned from three of the biggest social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. However, his controversial views are continuing to frustrate Hasan.