Andrew Tate slams “dumb” Adin Ross in debate over money and rage quits stream

Josh Taylor
Andrew Tate and Adin Ross live on a Kick stream.

Andrew Tate found himself in a heated debate with Kick star Adin Ross over money, until Tate abruptly ended the call on stream.

On March 27, Adin Ross was streaming on Kick with Andrew Tate as they were discussing various topics.

However, the stream soon went south after Tate called the streamer “dumb” and proceeded to “make a list of all the things you don’t understand,” in regards to Adin and money.

Following various questions, Adin then stopped Tate and said: “There is things you are ignorant to, just as there is things I am ignorant to. I don’t know anything about these topics, but I made that very clear. So, when you’re throwing these things at me that I have no idea what they are, I am being attacked, because I have no idea.

“And I am telling you that, but you’re still making me, basically portrayed to be this piece of s**t and sound defeated because I don’t know how to stop these things. That is not my job I don’t know how to do it.”

Tate responded: “I’m not telling you to stop these things… what I am saying is, there is a lot about the world you do not understand and your worldview will change if you understand said subjects.

“And the people at home will benefit from learning about these things and these people will educate themselves in real time on stream.”

The heated debate continued to escalate further as Andrew Tate went on a furious rant and Adin repeatedly told Tate that “If somebody wants to make money, they can YouTube it.”

Tate ended by telling the Kick star to “learn about money and bitcoin, wars, and inflation and everything else and stop being a f**king loser,” and then instantly backed out of the call.

Adin addressed the situation to his viewers: “You don’t watch me for financial advice, you do not. You watch me for my content, for my degeneracy and that’s what you guys watch me for. I am sorry guys, but he is basically portraying this onto me to make me look bad and bring me down with him.”

Andrew Tate has since posted to his Twitter/X account: “The chaos makes sense once you understand how money works.” Many fans believe this was directed towards Adin.

At the time of writing, Adin Ross has not commented any further in regards to their fallout.

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