Good Week, Bad Week: Bryce Hall brawls with Austin McBroom, D'Amelios release reality show trailer - Dexerto

Good Week, Bad Week: Bryce Hall brawls with Austin McBroom, D’Amelios release reality show trailer

Published: 24/May/2021 18:08 Updated: 24/May/2021 18:52

by Georgina Smith


Tensions have been rising in the lead-up to the YouTubers vs. TikTokers event, with Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom in the center of the drama — but it hasn’t been all drama from every influencer this week.

While the world of social media guarantees some sort of drama every week, there has been plenty of good news mixed in with the not-so-good.

As influencers gear up to launch new projects and fans begin to get excited about upcoming events, there’s plenty going on in the TikTok and YouTube scene.

But who’s had a good week, and who’s had a bad one?


Bad Week: Bryce Hall brawls with Austin McBroom at press conference

YouTubers vs TikTokers is shaping up to be one of the biggest influencer boxing events yet (aside from Logan Paul’s upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather) — but it seems the main card of the night couldn’t wait for the bell to ring.

Twelve of TikTok and YouTube’s most popular content creators met in Miami, Florida for a press conference on May 18 to answer questions and trade fighting words with their opponents… but things got physical when it came time for Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom to take the stage.

Pictures of Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall next to each other
YouTube: The ACE Family / Bryce Hall
The pair are set to fight on June 12.

After roasting McBroom’s outfit, Hall threatened to “slap the ****” out of the ACE Family patriarch if he stood up again to intimidate him — and he made good on his word, rushing toward McBroom with fists raised, pushing him back into his chair.


The scene quickly turned into a chaotic brawl between the boxers, press, and fans assembled, not unlike Jake Paul’s scuffle with Floyd Mayweather two weeks prior. While both fighters emerged unscathed, it seems this incident has only intensified the beef between them, and there’s no telling who will come out on top come June 12.

Good Week: The D’Amelio Family share first glimpse of reality show

The D’Amelio family are starring in their very own reality show on Hulu documenting their lives as they navigate Charli and Dixie’s life as TikTok’s biggest stars, and they finally shared some details and a trailer.

After Charli D’Amelio blew up on TikTok back in 2019, the other members of her family quickly followed suit. Not only has Dixie herself amassed more than 50 million followers and launched a music career, but their parents Marc and Heidi have entered the influencer world, even starting their own podcast together. Their reality TV show seems to be a fitting step forward for the family.


The D'Amelio family in a group photo
Instagram: marcdamelio
The D’Amelio Family will star in their own reality show on Hulu later this year.

The very first trailer was released on May 17 and provides a sneak peek at what is to come. The clip pieces together TikTok videos alongside interviews with the internet-famous siblings themselves, with Charli discussing her life-long passion for dancing, and Dixie explaining their sisterly love for each other.

The D’Amelio show will be airing on Hulu later in 2021, although no official date has been released. With hype for the show rapidly increasing, it won’t be long before the full details are revealed.

Bad Week: Logan & Jake Paul under investigation for driving on beaches

Ever since YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul moved to Puerto Rico, critics have been voicing their concerns at the influencer’s presence in the island territory. While some rallied against Paul’s choice to make his home in the Caribbean due to tax reasons, others felt this could set a dangerous precedent for other celebrities to start settling there with similar intentions; but that’s not the latest reason netizens are upset with the star.


In mid-May, the Paul brothers came under fire for a video that showed them driving across Puerto Rican beaches in golf carts and dune buggies. The internet quickly showed its displeasure about this particular trespass, noting that it’s currently sea turtle nesting season — and the two YouTubers could very well have crushed eggs buried in the sand.

Jake Logan Paul under fire sea turtles
YouTube: imPaulsive, Jake Paul / Jolo Diaz
People were not happy with the brothers.

It’s not just angry Twitter users the Paul bros have to worry about, though; the two are also under investigation from Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources. Secretary Rafael Machargo wrote in a statement that driving motor vehicles on PR’s beaches is “an activity that is prohibited, apart from law enforcement agencies,” and called for citizens to report any “possible environmental damage.”


However, it doesn’t look like Logan Paul was too pleased about this development, stating in a heated video that he was tired of “ignorant losers” lashing out at Jake for driving an electric golf cart on a beach in Dorado — a place where he claims it is legal to do so.

Good Week: Colleen Ballinger reveals she’s pregnant

YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, also known for her comedic character Miranda Sings, revealed that she is pregnant again after suffering from a miscarriage in February.

Following her heartbreaking loss earlier in the year, she realized just how much she really did want another child and began trying for another baby with her husband Erik.

In a video explaining her journey, she showed clips of her finding out from a test on April 16, and adding that she is two months along. Colleen also gushed about her excitement to see her 2-year-old Flynn become a big brother.

Colleen Ballinger finds out she is pregnant
YouTube: Colleen Ballinger
Fans are delighted for the popular YouTuber.

In another video following shortly after, the YouTuber shocked everyone once again by announcing that she was also having twins.

Colleen found out after she experienced some “concerning complications” on May 5 after initially learning of her pregnancy on April 16.

Luckily, the news was far better than what she expected: In a heartwarming clip, Ballinger showed the ultrasound, tearfully exclaiming, “I’ve been crying all morning thinking I had no baby, and I have two babies!”

Bad Week: Jaden Hossler accused of being a “narcissist” by Mads Lewis

The internet was shocked in April when Mads Lewis uploaded a TikTok that seemed to imply not only that she had broken up with partner Jaden Hossler, but that he was now dating fellow TikToker Nessa Barrett after working on a song together.

The subsequent social media drama was incredibly tense, and with Nessa and Jaden now publicly together, many have been curious about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler
Instagram: Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler
Jaden and Nessa’s new relationship has prompted a lot of drama.

As a guest on Dixie D’Amelio’s YouTube show, Mads Lewis didn’t hold back when she revealed how she feels about that situation now and the people involved, calling Jaden a “narcissist.”

Mads claimed: “Josh told Jaden a week before all that happened, he said ‘I’m ready to marry this girl, bro. Like I literally love this girl.’” She also added that she knows “a lot more now” than when she appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast, and said, “I kind of hate myself for sugarcoating the whole thing.”

Many fans appreciated seeing the candid look into Mads’ mindset about the whole situation, as well as seeing her discuss it with fellow social media stars Dixie and Noah.

With YouTubers vs. TikTokers coming up on June 12, it seems as though cross-platform drama is brewing between multiple creators, after an already busy week.