Jake Paul scuffles with Floyd Mayweather at Logan Paul boxing press conference

Virginia Glaze
floyd mayweather fights jake paul logan paul boxing press conferenceTwitter: Showtime Boxing / Instagram: Logan Paul

YouTube star Logan Paul and 50-0 boxing champ Floyd Mayweather met for a face-off a month ahead of their upcoming boxing match – but it was Jake Paul who ended up stealing the show after the interviews were over.

While Logan Paul has scored a huge win for influencers in mainstream fighting by nabbing a bout with Mayweather, Jake Paul has crept up as the main name in YouTube boxing. Boasting a 3-0 professional record, Jake has defeated fellow influencer AneSonGib, former NBA player Nate Robsinon, and even retired MMA pro Ben Askren.

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That isn’t enough to quell his thirst for competition, it seems, after a recent scuffle that went down during Logan Paul’s press conference with Mayweather on May 6. The two met for the first time and talked serious trash (wherein Mayweather promised Paul would “pay for what he did to Japan”), but it wasn’t Logan who made the most explosive moment of the day.

Instead, it seems that Jake Paul stole the spotlight once their faceoff was over. The content creator posted some confusing photos of himself to social media with a bloody mouth and torn clothing, making some fans suspect that he’d gotten physical with someone during the proceedings.

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It seems this theory proved true; video footage taken from the event shows Jake and Mayweather having a heated conversation before the YouTuber reaches over and swipes Mayweather’s hat right off his head, quickly attempting to disappear into the crowd gathered around them.

A brawl between the two ensues shortly thereafter, with many bystanders attempting to break up the unexpected fight. Mayweather can later be seen trying to get his cap back, yelling at Paul, “Don’t disrespect me!” – all while the tow-headed YouTuber chants, “Got your hat!”

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Footage taken after the ordeal shows a frustrated Mayweather walking away from the scene, yelling, “I’ll kill that mother****!”

Logan Paul’s reaction to the scuffle seems decidedly exasperated, with the YouTuber despairingly claiming, “What the **** did he do, bro?” in a video clip taken after the conference.

All things considered, this altercation comes as little surprise, as Mayweather himself boasted that he would take on both Paul brothers on the same night.

Stay tuned to Dexerto for more on this breaking story.

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