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Mads Lewis exposes “narcissist” Jaden Hossler in explosive Dixie D’Amelio interview

Published: 24/May/2021 0:17

by Charlotte Colombo


Mads Lewis has given her side of the story after her boyfriend Jaden Hossler sensationally went public with new girlfriend Nessa Barrett, who was dating his best friend Josh Richards at the time.

Speaking candidly about what went down, Mads opened up to fellow TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio as part of her YouTube series ‘The Early Late Night Show’.

The interview, which was nearly twenty minutes long, marks the first time Mads has spoken about the drama following her appearance on the ‘Call Me Daddy’ podcast last month.

While she admits to “sugarcoating” a lot of things during her appearance on the podcast, it was clear from the outset that Mads would not be holding back in this interview, as she stated point-blank to a shocked (and amused) Dixie: “I don’t like people who steal other people’s boyfriends.”


Lewis also revealed that as well as being dumped by Jaden over the phone, she later found out that he had been cheating on her for the entirety of their relationship.

Josh was reportedly ready to marry Nessa

When asked by Dixie why Josh was initially “so against” her allegations that Jaden and Nessa were together – even calling Mads out in an episode of his podcast, she responded candidly: “Jaden lied to him – that’s what he always does, telling him that everything I was saying wasn’t true.”

With D’Amelio noting that Josh and Jaden were “best friends, like brothers,” Lewis also revealed that a week before the drama between the four of them unfolded, Josh told Jaden that he “really loves” Nessa and was prepared to marry her.


Instagram: Josh Richards
A week before Jaden’s relationship with Nessa was revealed, Josh told him that he was ready to marry her.

Is Jaden and Nessa’s relationship a publicity stunt?

Referring back to claims she made during her podcast appearance – during which she revealed Jaden’s manager left the TikTok star a voice note encouraging him to dump Lewis and pursue things with Barrett – Mads doubled down on her belief that the relationship was, at least in part, a publicity stunt.

YouTube: The Hollywood Fix
Mads was sceptical of how paparazzi knew Jaden and Nessa would be out on a date.

“I think [the relationship] was set up by Nessa and her manager because she wants fame really bad,” she said.

Referring to Jaden and Nessa’s first “official” date at The Nice Guy last month, Lewis pointed out that the two never posted about their plans to go to the restaurant, and yet they were greeted by paparazzi.  Accusing the two of “calling the paparazzi” ahead of time, Mads asked: “How did paparazzi know where you were?”


Dixie and Mads discuss Jaden’s reaction to Chase kissing Nessa

Dixie and Mads also discussed Jaden’s reaction to the explosive drama between Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio last summer, wherein it was revealed that Chase and Nessa had kissed while she was dating Josh Richards.

Noting how Jaden called out Chase on social media at the time, urging him to “stop lying”, Mads said that given how things have worked out, Jaden’s reaction to the situation was “messed up.”

“[He] literally made Chase feel stupid,” she said. “[He] didn’t need to go to Chase’s house and threaten him only to do the same thing a year later.”


Jaden is a “narcissist”, according to Mads

Reflecting on the situation, Lewis said that she had “no regrets” about her time with Jaden, telling Dixie that “he taught me what I don’t want in a man.”

She did, however, label Hossler as a “narcissist,” saying that by always talking about their future together, she was “gaslit” into the relationship before Jaden repeatedly “[went] behind [my] back.”

Instagram: Jaden Hossler
Mads Lewis said that while she didn’t regret her relationship with Jaden, she believes he is a narcissist.

Revealing that she still hasn’t “necessarily” gotten an apology from the pair, Mads also revealed that she tried to speak to Jaden in person prior to filming the interview in order to get closure, but he declined.

Neither Jaden nor Nessa have responded publicly to the claims made by Mads during the interview.