Bryce Hall brawls with Austin McBroom at YouTubers vs TikTokers press conference

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall Austin Mcbroom faceoff

The YouTubers vs TikTokers press conference took a violent turn after Sway House star Bryce Hall decided to get physical with his upcoming opponent, Austin McBroom, ahead of their June 12 boxing match.

It’s no secret that the beef between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom has been getting more and more personal as time ticks down to their eventual boxing match on June 12. Ever since their fight was announced, Hall has been itching to throw hands with McBroom — and he got his chance well before the bell ever sounded.

While the actual boxing event between 12 of YouTube and TikTok’s most popular content creators is just under a month away, it seems that Bryce couldn’t wait to show the ACE Family patriarch that he meant business.

The 12 fighters met for an intimate press conference on May 18 in Miami, Florida, where hosts KEEMSTAR and Fouseytube facilitated questions regarding the upcoming matchups.


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However, when it came time for the main event to start, Bryce Hall was quick to dole out the trash talk, having already traded verbal blows with YouTuber Deji over a possible bout with KSI.

It seems words weren’t enough for the TikToker, who’d threatened that he would “slap the s**t” out of McBroom — and actually backed it up, rushing toward McBroom with fists raised, knocking him backwards into his chair.

The scene, full of photographers and onlookers, quickly became one of pandemonium, with KEEMSTAR noting that the scuffle had even broken some glass.

Much like Jake Paul’s scuffle with Floyd Mayweather two weeks prior, the press room turned into an all-out brawl, and the broadcast ended shortly thereafter.

This isn’t the first time the two have gotten into an altercation ahead of their fight, either; McBroom notably threw water bottles at Hall after the TikToker pulled up to his boat in Miami two weeks beforehand, only heating things up further for their eventual bout.

Fans can tune into the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event via Live x Live on June 12.