Are Francesca Farago & Harry Jowsey dating again? Too Hot To Handle stars spark reunion rumors

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Too Hot to Handle couple Harry Jowsey and Francesca FaragoInstagram: Harry Jowsey

Stars of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago are rumored to be dating again after they both shared social media posts showing they were getting pretty close. 

Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago first started dating while they were on the hit reality Netflix show too Hot To Handle. However, they broke up one year later in June 2020.

Both stars posted their own version of events online with Francesca claiming distance was the reason, but strongly hinted Harry cheated. Harry then claimed he’d broken things off with Francesca to focus on his mental health, although he also did not deny the cheating allegations.

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Since the breakup, Harry settled in LA and has been hanging out with some of the hottest internet personalities around, as well as dating women including Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Julia Rose.

Too Hot to Handle stars Francesca Farago and Harry JowseyInstagram: Harry Jowsey
Harry and Francesca broke up in June 2020 after a year of dating

Meanwhile, Francesca started dating Demi Sims, a star from British reality TV show TOWIE, briefly moving to London to be with her, and even hinting that they’d planned to get married in the future. However, they broke up in April, and now it appears Francesca might be getting cozy again with an old flame.

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Are Harry and Francesca dating?

Not only did pictures emerge of Harry and Francesca hanging out in Cancun, Mexico, but the pair have posted on social media hinting at a romantic reunion. In one TikTok Harry lipsyncs to Chun Swae by Nicki Minaj with the lyrics “He don’t want me back,” before handing the phone to Francesca who lipsyncs “He be lying, b*tch I’m the sauce.”

In another, Harry responded to a comment that said “If you and Francesca get together I will dye my hair blue,” with a video of him with his arm around her and lipsyncing the words “That’s my ex b*tch ’cause she toxic.”

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On May 23, Harry posted to his Instagram story with an image of the pair’s matching lightning bolt finger tattoos next to each other, something they’d gotten while they were an official couple. In Francesca’s Instagram story she also filmed herself partying on a beach while sat on Harry’s lap.

Harry told TMZ that he is simply helping Francesca with her recent breakup, although much of the evidence points to a reunion that is much more than just friendly.

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