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The D’Amelio Show on Hulu: Charli & Dixie trailer, how to watch & more

Published: 18/May/2021 12:24

by Alice Hearing


The D’Amelio family are starring in their very own reality show on Hulu documenting their lives as they navigate Charli and Dixie’s life as TikTok’s biggest stars, and we finally have some of the details and a trailer. 

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s number-one content creator. Boasting more than 115 million followers on the viral video app, she has become an icon for Generation Z.

After Charli D’Amelio blew up on TikTok back in 2019, the other members of her family quickly followed suit. Not only has Dixie herself amassed more than 50 million followers and launched a music career,  but their parents Marc and Heidi have entered the influencer world, even starting their own podcast together.


Charli D'Amelio hits back at rumors
Twitter: @dameliofamily / Hulu
The D’Amelio family has become TikTok royalty in the past year.

Now the family has their own reality TV show on Hulu, as was announced in December 202o. It’s been a few months waiting, but some of the details are finally here and the first trailer has been released.

What does the trailer reveal?

The very first trailer was released on May 17 and provides a sneak peek at what is to come. The clip pieces together TikTok videos alongside interviews with the internet-famous siblings themselves, with Charli discussing her life-long passion for dancing, and Dixie explaining their sisterly love for each other.

The trailer shows some behind-the-scenes footage of the sisters’ many money-making ventures, and even their mom Heidi tearing up as she says “I’m so happy for them!”


Recently, in an episode of Dixie’s YouTube talk show, the TikTok star and her mom Heidi gave fans another small glimpse into what could be included in the show.

Dixie explained that she doesn’t think the show is just going to be entertaining for dedicated fans of the family. “I think the show’s going to be good for the people that support us. I think it’s going to be interesting for the people who don’t know us, and fun to pull apart for the people who hate us.”

When is The D’Amelio Show coming out?

The D’Amelio show will be airing on Hulu later in 2021, although no official date has been released. With hype for the show rapidly increasing, it won’t be long before the full details are revealed.

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How to watch The D’Amelio Show

The reality show will be exclusive to Hulu, the streaming service owned by Disney and one of the main rivals to Netflix. It is dubbed a ‘Hulu Original’, so it’s expected this will be the only streaming service where The D’Amelio Show will be available.

The D’Amelio family aren’t the only TikTok stars making their way into the reality scene this year. The Hype House recently received backlash after announcing they would be filming a show with Netflix, and the Sway House has also been releasing episodes of their show via Facebook and Instagram.