Good Week, Bad Week: Bella Poarch hits Spotify milestone, Mike Majlak accused of lying

Good Week Bad Week June 7 2021YouTube: Bella Poarch/ Impaulsive

The past week has been quite dramatic for online creators across the internet’s biggest platforms, especially in the world of influencer boxing – but not everyone is enjoying the spotlight. 

YouTubers such as Corpse Husband and Jake Paul have had enormous success this past week with their endeavors beyond the world’s largest video platform in both music and sports.

But as every influencer knows, rumors can make or break a career and in the last week, Mike Majlak and TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez found themselves struggling to stay afloat.

Here’s who found success and who landed in hot water.

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Good Week: Jake Paul scores boxing match with Tyrone Woodley

YouTube star-turned-boxer Jake Paul has already scheduled his next boxing match after taking out retired MMA fighter Ben Askren — and this bout is one for the books.

It’s not enough that Paul has started beef with the likes of Floyd Mayweather; the Team 10 founder is now set to face off against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley, with the two having already faced off without a big press conference.

logan paul jake paul boxing woodleyvia Boxing Scene / Tyron Woodley Instagram
Jake Paul and Woodley and set to thrown down on August 28

Jake and Woodley are set to throw down on August 28, nearly three months after his older brother, Logan Paul’s, bout against Mayweather on June 6.

While Paul seems confident in his chances against the mixed-martial artist, others aren’t so sure; both UFC Prez Dana White and ‘Rocky’ actor Sylvester Stallone aren’t putting money on the YouTuber’s chances.

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Still, others feel that Jake might have a fair shake against the former UFC welterweight champion, with the likes of Tommy Fury claiming that Jake could go the distance with the now-retired fighter.

Whatever the case may be, fans will have to wait until August 28 to see how their bout pans out.

Bad Week: Mike Majlak accused of lying about childhood & paying hush money to friends

Alongside finding out his ex-girlfriend Lana was pregnant, Mike Majlak was accused of lying in his book “The Fifth Vital,” and then paying his friends to cover up the allegations.

YouTuber SALVOPANCAKES, published a video on May 24 providing alleged screenshots from Mike’s friend Matthew Duchon appearing to say that all of the stories were taken from his experience and not Mike’s.

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Mike Majlak Vlogs/YouTube
Mike Majlak was accused of fabricating anecdotes in his book.

This was then publicly denied on Twitter by Matthew – but SALVOPANCAKES released another video that claimed Mike paid the friends in question hush-money, and even had them under a non-disclosure agreement to stop the truth from coming out.

He then explained how Mike tweeted that in order to get over some of his current issues he had to “move chess pieces.” On the same day, Matthew’s fundraiser, Dream on Foundation, received $400 from “Hash Brown Media LLC,” a company that appears to belong to Mike.

SALVOPANCAKES said that this meant Mike was attempting to pay Matthew to keep quiet on the allegations.

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Good Week: Bella Poarch and Corpse Husband crush major Spotify milestones

Both Bella Poarch and Corpse Husband are influencers who have made their foray into the music business to great success.

Poarch, famous for garnering the most likes on a TikTok video ever, debuted her first single, ‘Build a Bitch,’ in May, immediately climbing to the top of YouTube’s music category in the Philippines.

However, as of June 2, Poarch’s song hit over 50 million streams on Spotify — another major accomplishment for an influencer who already made it to the BillBoard Hot 100 a week prior.

Corpse Husband Merch restockCorpse Husband
Corpse’s track “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life’ surpassed 150 million streams.

Bella isn’t the only one seeing massive musical success; faceless YouTuber and music artist Corpse Husband also reached a Spotify milestone, with his viral hit ‘E-Girls Are Ruining My Life’ surpassing 150 million streams on the platform on June 2.

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While these two may have a background as social media stars, it’s clear that these two influencers are seriously talented — and thanks to their skills (as well as their huge fanbases), it seems they’ll be seeing even more achievements in the future.

Bad Week: Sienna Mae accused of sexually assaulting Jack Wright

TikToker and Hype House member Sienna Mae was accused of sexual assault by one of fellow TikToker Jack Wright’s childhood best friends. The claims were backed up by Jack’s brother, James Wright, who retweeted Mason’s statement.

Sienna then posted on both Instagram and TikTok, saying that she was “beyond saddened by the situation,” and that she would attempt to deal with it offline. She later released two videos addressing the multiple allegations made against her and sternly denying sexual assault.

Sienna Mae responds to leaked video of her and Jack WrightYouTube: Sienna Gomez
Sienna Mae posted two videos denying the claims made by Jack Wright’s friends

Sienna claimed that she had been misled by Jack about the state of their relationship over the course of nine months, with her feeling as though she was far more “into” him than he was into her, implying that he had used their relationship for popularity on TikTok.

She also denied claims of body-shaming and confirmed that her legal team had sent Jack and his friends cease and desist letters. Wright only responded with an Instagram to say he hopes Gomez gets the “help she needs.”

Good Week: Woman goes viral on TikTok after fighting a bear to save her dogs

17-year-old Hailey had quite the unusual Memorial Day when her pets were suddenly face-to-face with a huge bear and its cub scaling a wall next to her house.

Immediately, two small dogs and one large dog ran out to confront the predator and its cub, barking furiously at it and unsuccessfully launching themselves in its direction.

Viral TikTok woman pushes bear to save dogsTikTok: bakedlikepie
17-year-old Hailey pushed a bear off a wall after it threatened her dogs.

All of a sudden, the camera captured Hailey, wearing a blue dress, running down the pathway straight towards the bear.

Amazingly, she can be seen shoving the huge bear with force so hard that it fell off the other side of the wall. In the seconds to spare before the bear clambered back up onto the partition, she gathered up her dogs and ran inside.

The scene was all captured on CCTV and uploaded, alongside the popular song ‘Oh No’ by Kreepa, by Hailey’s cousin Brenda with the caption: “My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?!”

The video went massively viral on TikTok, amassing more than 25 million views in the first 12 hours.

With YouTubers vs TikTokers coming up on June 12, featuring Bryce Hall going up against Austin McBroom, fans are already gearing up to find out who will come out on top.