Mike Majlak accused of lying about childhood and paying hush money to friends

Alice Hearing. Last updated: Jun 02, 2021
YouTube: Mike Majlak Vlogs

Mike Majlak may have lied in his biographical book “The Fifth Vital,” and even paid his friends to keep the truth quiet, according to YouTuber SALVOPANCAKES.

Mike Majlak is widely known as Logan Paul’s right-hand man and co-host on Impaulsive, and he has reached extraordinary heights of online fame. But it hasn’t come without controversy or drama.

In recent months, Mike has broken up, gotten back together, and split once again with long-time girlfriend Lana, and he has even fallen out with Logan Paul himself.

Even before he was famous, Mike suffered from struggles with drug addiction, according to his book “The Fifth Vital,” published in 2020, which offers advice on how to break out of a bad place.

Mike Majlak Vlogs/YouTube
Mike Majlak was accused of fabricating anecdotes in his book

However, Mike has been accused of fabricating some of the anecdotes in the book, “stealing” some of the stories from his close friends.

YouTuber SALVOPANCAKES, published a video on May 24 providing alleged screenshots from Mike’s friend Matthew Duchon appearing to say that all of the stories were taken from his experience and not Mike’s.

Since the video was published, Matthew responded on Twitter, saying that the screenshots in the video were fake and photoshopped by the YouTuber, adding “Mike has sent me thousands of dollars and is always there for me.”

Meanwhile, SALVOPANCAKES released another video that now claims Mike has paid the friends in question hush money and even has them under a non-disclosure agreement to stop the truth from coming out.

The YouTuber shared another screenshot, allegedly from Matthew Duchon, which read “Dude I shouldn’t have sent that. Please delete this stuff! I was mad he wasn’t going to donate to my Dream on foundation. Look man, he made me, Kenny, and Alexandra sign NDAs on this sh*t and I can’t afford to go to jail over this internet sh*t.”

He then explained that on May 26, Mike wrote on Twitter that in order to get over some of his current issues he had to “move chess pieces.” On the same day, Matthew’s fundraiser Dream on Foundation, received $400 from “Hash Brown Media LLC,” a company that appears to belong to Mike.

SALVOPANCAKES said that this meant Mike was attempting to pay Matthew to keep quiet on the allegations. Mike has not publicly responded to these allegations, but it may only be a matter of time before he does.