Jack Wright responds to Sienna Mae denying sexual assault allegations

Sienna Mae Gomez addresses allegations of sexual assaultYouTube: Sienna Gomez

After TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez addressed the allegations that she sexually assaulted fellow creator Jack Wright and other accusations, Wright has now replied. 

UPDATE 5 PM PST: After Sienna denied the allegations being leveled against her, Wright went on Instagram to say he hopes Gomez gets the “help she needs.”

“Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences. Mason and James only intention was to protect me with the truth, and I really value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time,” Wright wrote. “I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.”

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The situation between Hype House creators and former couple Sienna Mae and Jack Wright is complicated, to say the least, but it began when the pair appeared to start dating in 2020 and frequently collaborated together, posting synchronized dance moves and loved-up TikToks together.

Sienna, who has almost 15 million followers on the app, has since been lauded for her body positivity posts, unashamedly showing off her “flaws” and encouraging her viewers to eat despite what is often pushed by influencers or societal pressure.

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TikToker Sienna Mae kisses boyfriend Jack WrightInstagram: Sienna Mae Gomez
Jack and Sienna had been one of TikTok’s hottest couples

However, her online image took a huge knock when one of Jack’s childhood best friends tweeted out accusing Sienna of sexual assault and telling Jack to “kill himself.” The claims were backed up by Jack’s brother James Wright who retweeted Mason’s statement.

Sienna then posted on both Instagram and TikTok saying that she was “beyond saddened by the situation,” and that she would attempt to deal with it offline. But she has released a video on June 1, addressing the multiple allegations made against her and sternly denying sexual assault.

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Relaying her side of the story, Sienna repeated, “I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright,” adding that she wanted to “stand up for myself and tell the truth.”

She said that Jack never once brought up sexual assault in private to her, and disclosed that she and Jack had never had sex, despite admitting it was uncomfortable for her to discuss online

In addition, Sienna claimed that she had been misled by Jack about the state of their relationship over the course of nine months, with her feeling as though she was far more into him than he was into her, implying that he had used their relationship for popularity on TikTok.

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Sienna also said, “I’ve seen numerous arguments asking ‘why lie about sexual assault?’ and this isn’t a lie. But it wasn’t me who sexually assaulted him,” before apologizing for making the information public. “We both know what happened, we both know who it was, and we both know that I was not at that gathering that night.”

She went on to further deny claims of body-shaming, and addressed Mason directly, who posted the initial accusations, telling him to “be ready” as her legal team is “working on evidence as we speak.”

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